Make no mistake -- it is an invasion

with no firearm, force your way into some stranger’s home while they are there and see if they consider it “invasive”

get back to us.

assuming someone posts your bail

dang sorry @Snow96 didnt mean kill the thread

i just wanted wanted to see how the pro-invasion anti-american lefties would support this roving invasion of invaders

I think it is a mistake to call it an invasion.

Great analogy! Can people apply to move into your home? Can they get various levels of visas that would allow them to live in your home? If someone has a kid at your house do those kids get to live there?

I would never do that. I would go through the proper channels to apply for visas that would allow me to live in a stranger’s home.

there are no visas that allow you to do that

but there are exchange programs where families accept you into their home and become part of the family

You don’t need a visa to apply for Asylum.

Well they are less to fear then a traitor that moves amongst those within the gate freely.

a bunch of people trying to get into Mexico so they can claim Asylum is not an invasion.

The “Invaders” will be detained and apply for Asylum and their case will be presented to a Judge.

um kay thanks for the loco info chief

too bad that doesnt apply to the river of people marching toward the US

Yes it does, the second they step foot in America they apply for Asylum and take their chances in the system.

i dont care what loophole excuse they use to try to gain entrance.

what matters is that they are not allowed in. just because they appear

but enough about the one principal duty of the cic

Asylum isn’t a loophole.

it is if they are not applying for it in the countries they are crossing

they can claim it in mexico

Do you Remember the last “Invasion” by the time it made it to the U.S border it was less then two dozen people.

vast majority of them will.

yep. now tell us how that matters

Your allowing Fake News to rally you up into a fit.