MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR: Biden Says US Doesn’t ‘Need Fossil Fuels’ Moments After Arriving in Private Jet

This is the democrat choice for 2020? a candidate who doesn’t want Americans to have Fossil Fuels?
Once again Joe Biden and Democrats are going agaisnt oil drilling yet have no problems getting the oil deals from Saudi Arabia which had being committing war crimes in Yemen and Bahrain.

If Democrats, Biden/Harris come to power they are going to pass Carbon Tax. Meanwhile Democrats ignore nuclear renewable cleaner energy.


“Much people only focused on the environmental impact, what that would mean, especially since we don’t need more fossil fuel. What we need is more renewable energy. I can guarantee you if I’m President there will be no off-shore drilling!” said Biden.

Climate change is real and it poses a grave threat to our nation and our planet. It’s abundantly clear this Adminstration won’t tackle climate change head on, so state and local governments must.

Of course they arent going to push for a Carbon Tax during the election because they know it will hurt Biden and democrats and they know this.

They will push for one or similar to a carbon tax during after if should Biden win.
From 2019’s Biden team.

The campaign’s June 2019 plan includes language calling on Congress to create an “enforcement mechanism” to cut carbon emissions, which at the time the campaign said indicated a carbon price.

What we’re watching: If Democrats take control of the Senate, its leaders could pursue a carbon tax, opening up a narrow path for congressional bargaining that Biden could back as president.

Of course Biden will back it. Anything the progressives want to pass he or Hairrs are going to back it up.

Democratic policies are always for the sheeple not for the ruling class. Hopefully everyone has learned that by now.

Carbon Taxes arent effective in BC, Canada. Emissions haven’t changed dispute the second push by the Canadian Liberal Gov the emissions are still rising.

These Carbon Taxes are nothing more then just sanctions on the citizens. What these carbon taxes does is they rise the price of a food item. Whatever its milk or meat. Why you think the German Farmers last year were protesting the German gov? because they know.

This Carbon Tax is never meant to be aimed at climate change. What Joe Biden thinks by talking about climate change will make people vote for him? a green deal sounds almost like another lockdown in terms of these crazies shutting the economy down even further.

I remember when Joe Biden said American workers should learn to code, while if Joe Biden thinks learning to Code is easy, its a long while before a person can actually correctly code something or anything as simple as a website.

That was a idiotic statement by Biden.

I love the way Joe waved to the empty tarmac when he got off the plane.

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It wasn’t empty. The press was there.

He must not have seen them. He was waving in the wrong direction. :grin:

doesn’t “need more fossil fuels”

The headline is misleading since he said more fossil fuels, implying the amount we currently use is fine and we don’t need more.

Libs: We need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels so let us shift more energy production towards renewable energy.

Cons: You used a plane! Checkmate Libs!!!


With regards to fossil fuels I see GE can see the end of coal by halting production of any new coal power plants.

Yes, the climate has always changed. If you don’t believe it. You may be a democrat.


We had a drought in Cal and now it’s gone…

If you believe in the theory that there is a global cabal of climate scientists conspiring to trick the whole world on the topic of man-caused climate change, you may be a Republican.

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Yes, as that was documented a few years ago.

And go check out Tony Heller on Youtube for the real science…

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Did you notice we’ve had 6 or 7 major warmings in the last 500 million years…

I’m not an climate expert… I just find the idea that the vast majority of climate scientists are trying to trick us to be very far fetched and loony.

If its far fetched and loony why does the AGW god Hansen have to falsify data to show it? Why do they need Mann’s hockey stick to “hide the decline”? Why do they need to throw out in situ data in favor of projections to show warming?

There’s no conspiracy, there’s just a bunch of true believer scientist who don’t mind overstating conclusions and tweeking data to advance the cause and the career. The largest effect man has on climate by far is deforestation. Compared to that CO2 is minuscule. The idea of dangerous warming is being pushed by politicians wanting to impose taxes and control behaviors.


I can’t argue data on the topic because unlike many on the right I recognize that I’m not a trained climate scientist. I’m just a skeptic when it comes to conspiracy theories.

If there isn’t a conspiracy, then why do the vast majority of climate scientists say human caused climate change is real? Don’t you think that would be pretty hard to pull off without it getting out or there being some whistle blowers?

i know very few people who say it isn’t real. that is not the question. the question is how much is caused by humans and what are the costs and benefits. there are plenty of scientists who say its negligeable, and more who say its beneficial. only the political alarmists claim its the end of the world.

Nobody should be taking any climate proposals from Democrats seriously after the architect of the Green New Deal admitted that it has nothing to do with climate and was solely designed as a means to reorder society.

“Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing,”

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