MAGA: Some Hogs to be made outside the US

Making america great again, one motorcycle at a time.


Member when the “free market” was like the holy grail of conservatism? Pepperidge farm members.

Where in the hell are this idiot’s tax returns?


Point blank. This guys is an ■■■■■■■.

Like lots of people, I haven’t taken the right’s repellent “free market” ■■■■■■■■ seriously for years and years. That is, I take it about as seriously as they do.

Hey Mods…merge the Harley tariff threads!!

Too many tariff(s) to look after!

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I guess now all Trump supporting Harley riders are obligated to push their Hawgs over a cliff and then post the videos of same.


The Trump golden rule: Do not make the Mango Mussolini look bad or he will retaliate like a petulant child.

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What do the Bikers for Trump think about this?

Maybe they will throw their Harleys off of bridges like so many Kuerigs.


same place as Obama’s education records

Did Obama promise to release his education records? Yes or no answer will suffice. Thanks!


Well, that’s about as useful a comparison as tits on a hog. You can say the same for every party nominee for President. You can’t say the same for tax returns.

Sounds like he’s threatening to use government as a weapon against those he disagrees with.

Yeah since when did presidents start releasing their education records? Next they will want all of Obama’s Baskin Robbins receipts even though his never promised them to anyone.

After all the handwringing people did about Obama supposedly using the power of the government to punish people, they are the first ones cheering on Drumpfkopf with this sort of crap.


Trump > Harleys

I am sure that Conan will be along to tell us how it is all liberals fault.

because the whole movement is full of ■■■■. all they care about is winning at all cost.

This is what winning looks like. Look at how Trump has, yet again, triggered all you snowflakes.

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