Lumber prices tumble 60% (sign of rapid housing deflation to come)

A boat in my case.

There’s quite few boats out there that would fit in the new pool, too… :thinking:

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I’ve designed a variation on Philip Bolger’s Wyoming that takes styling cues from a Roadmaster fast back sedanette …

… and a series of Hacker designs that includes Thunderbird.

I could fit two of those in the new pool. :rofl:

Homestead Finishing has some excellent dye stains as well. Amazon has individual bottles too.

■■■■ Amazon. All it does is destroy local economies. There…I got that off of my chest. :+1: :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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I think I’ve stayed in that air B and B.

Next time you are behind a truck, anybody’s truck, look for the morgan logo.
Screenshot 2022-05-21 1.24.21 PM

Morgan truck bodies, located in Morgantown Pennsylvania, home of Daniel Boone, used to make Conestoga wagons.

When automobiles came along, buyers wanted them. Other people thought it was a scam harmful to the buggy whip industry.

The Morgan wagon company said “Go ahead and whine. We are real Americans. We will adapt and overcome and we will succeed.”
That’s why their logos are red-white-and-blue. They believed that struggle-adapt-overcome is ingrained in the American spirit.

Today it employs 2,300 people and has $746b million in annual revenue.


Yes I’ve heard of Trans Tint, but never used it. Seems popular with guitar builders. I’ve built a couple Telecasters, used the Keda Dye on one, and used Rit Clothing dye you see in Wallyworld on the other. Gotta think outside the box sometimes…lol. Was just the color I was looking for so I went with it…This is the Tele I used the clothing dye on.


I’m going more for this look:

I can’t stand the stainless steel appliances so am going with what is in the picture, all gas.

The dyes all seem pretty dark but what a great concept!



Looks awesome, I’ve always wanted to build a guitar or two. I would classify myself as a master woodworker without the official designation.

ETA and finisher lol. Always finish my own work.


She can hang out in the loft reading books while you hang out on the deck shooting deer. :wink:

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Did you bag any deer? :wink:

As a guitar player, woodworking experience alone won’t cut it, you need to be a musician as well, how else will you judge tone, resonance and amplitude?

I also play guitar.

Cool. I woodwork as well as play guitar, I have no misconception that a guitar is mere woodworking. Whole lot of other variables involved. My stepfather builds guitars, they suck, he is a musician as well, just not a good one or a good wood worker. I rate them as amateur. at best. A good luthier spends full time decades to be good at it.

You really need to spend time under a master. I could build one but it wouldn’t be top of the line, it would be amateur. Until I spent at least twenty years or so on it, then maybe decent. Still not likely to be great.

Not that hard to build a passable electric, forget acoustic without putting in ten thousand hours.

Been paying close attention to prices, retail hasn’t caught up with tumbling prices because it’s falling so fast. Good for me because I have couple family builds coming up


Absolutely agree, I would not attempt an acoustic, I do know a thing or two about it.

Prices have not come down here as far as I can tell…I hope so…mercy, it’s really been hard on people doing anything on their home…

Thx…But just to be clear, I bought the body and neck from Warmoth. I didn’t build or route it out. I installed/wired the pick ups, tuners, bridge etc.

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