Lumber prices tumble 60% (sign of rapid housing deflation to come)

This is a good time to start planning a summer project.
I don’t recommend using home equity to do it, but
if you want to stop putting money into your retirement account for now,
and instead use the money to build that super big deck, now is the time.

Screenshot 2022-05-20 6.36.53 AM


I do have a new pool that could really use a wrap-around deck. :thinking:


Or you could build the world’s greatest tree stand!!


Good…I do a lot of wood working. Hard woods though, mostly maple, oak and cherry, for tables etc. Not so much building type lumber.

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I have been needing a new trebuchet for the longest time, might be the perfect time :+1:



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I just bought a house that has a gally kitchen. All of the cabinets are custom and stained Maple.

Rather then buying the crap on the market I’ve opted to have them sanded and painted at a fraction of the cost of replacement. :woman_shrugging:


You should ask your refinisher about dyeing instead of staining…Brings out the figuring much better,. I use dye on all of my maple projects. Doesn’t cover the wood like stain does.


Oh wow, beautiful! I’m going soft white. I have a light grey driftwood theme going. I didn’t know know about dyeing. I wish I had or I would have investigated that!

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Another way to look at it:

If the price of lumber, at the height of the boom, was $1.00,
and it tumbles 60%, the new price is $0.40.

But moving from $0.40 back to $1.00 does not mean a 60% increase is coming.

If we guess/assume that “In X years, lumber prices will return to where they were,” then we are saying "In X years lumber prices will rise 150%.)

Hmm is there a way to hoard lumber?

(Note, this has always been true of every product and commodity, math has always worked this way)



The deer are likely to come INSIDE that on a cold day,

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You should build a lifeguard stand with a sign that says DAD ON DUTY and a bunch of stupid rules on it.

That’s kind of a dad joke, but not really. I’ll be here all week.


That’s a “dear” stand, not a deer stand…silwy wabbit :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


“Thats ok, she don’t read too good no how” :sunglasses:

My compliments on your cupboards. They really are superb. :+1:

They’re not mine…but I wish… Thats just the product I use “Keda Dye”. There’s five different color powders, can mix them to get any shade you want. Can use water or alcohol. I prefer water, though I have used alcohol and then mixed that into shellac.

btw…Did you catch the reference in my response?

That is awesome looking

No…it was “swoooosh” moment.

Was the perfect set up…lol

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