Louisiana gubernatorial election returns (polls closed at 9 EST)

Individual parish (county) results can be seen by rolling over the map at the link.

Still a little bit early to post any figures, though Rispone leads VERY early on. No results yet at all from Orleans Parish.

Map Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
51.8% Eddie Rispone GOP 267,367
48.2% John Bel Edwards* Dem 249,248
13.6% of precincts reporting (533/3,934) *Incumbent
516,615 total votes

Still nothing from Orleans Parish.

Starting to get returns from Orleans Parish, so if it is going to swing to Edwards, it will probably do so soon.


Map Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
50.5% John Bel Edwards* Dem 438,660
49.5% Eddie Rispone GOP 429,176
44.5% of precincts reporting (1,749/3,934) *Incumbent
867,836 total votes

It has swung over to Edwards, which is not a good sign for Rispone, as Orleans is still very early in reporting.

Going off the list of governors (all 50 of them), looks like Louisiana swaps back and forth between Dem and Rep governorships. Dem’s have only had 2 years this time round (elected 2016), Rep before that was 8 years. before that 4 years for the Dem.

So a win by the D doesn’t look like it will be a major upset. And the R taking him to a runoff was bad for the D.

Map Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
50.3% Eddie Rispone GOP 564,814
49.7% John Bel Edwards* Dem 557,657
67% of precincts reporting (2,634/3,934) *Incumbent
1,122,471 total votes

Again, big caveat, Orleans is only 25% reported.

Rispone was NOT the best candidate by any means either. No previous political experience. So that worked in Edwards favor.

Should scare the crap out of D’s then. Unless there is something I don’t know about the D where he pissed off a bunch of Louisiana citizens.

This is very much a State race. I wouldn’t draw too much from it in regards to national implications regardless of who wins.

If Edwards doesn’t coast to an easy win I’ll be shocked, so too should the Democrats nationwide.

This should have been a slam dunk easy win.

I looks like to me that the large remaining votes outstanding favor the Democrat. I would be surprised if he lost at this point. Unless I’m missing something.

Depends mainly on turnout in NO I’d imagine.

Right now the vote is virtually tied with 87% statewide reporting. But Orleans Parish is only 47% reported so I expect Edwards will win by 1% or 2%.

And just as I posted the previous post, a big surge came in from Orleans Parish, pushing Edwards ahead.

Map Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
50.4% John Bel Edwards* Dem 700,136
49.6% Eddie Rispone GOP 688,801
90.5% of precincts reporting (3,561/3,934) *Incumbent
1,388,937 total votes
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I personally feel comfortable calling this race for Edwards at this time. The few remaining Republican Parishes have negligible vote left to count.

And called for Edwards by the media a moment ago.

Map Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
50.7% John Bel Edwards* Dem 735,753 âś“
49.3% Eddie Rispone GOP 716,441
96.1% of precincts reporting (3,780/3,934) *Incumbent
1,452,194 total votes

Everything trump touches dies.


I reject this overly simplistic analysis.

This was a State race on State issues. Rispone was FAR from the best candidate.

This particular race does not interpolate well to national races.

And I don’t think the GOP in Louisiana was stunned. They knew full well Rispone was a weak candidate.

I would love to know how this was “stunning”.

It looks like the D got of lucky and should have ran away with it.

With trump’s endorsement and two rallies within a couple of weeks, it should’ve been a cakewalk for the R candidate.