Louisiana gubernatorial election returns (polls closed at 9 EST)

Again, this race turned on State issues and the candidate was sub par. Obviously you want to spin this, just the same way the other side spins races when they win, but this race was not won or lost on Trump.

Keep telling yourself that, keep telling yourself that . . .

meanwhile an incumbent D up against an unknown weak R almost lost. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Unless the D screwed up something increadible in the state, should have been a cake walk for him.

so same result as texas and cruz…gotcha.

Cruz was and is an idiot.


Map Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
51.3% John Bel Edwards* Dem 773,094
48.7% Eddie Rispone GOP 733,151
99.8% of precincts reporting (3,927/3,934) *Incumbent
1,506,245 total votes

Orleans Parish is fully counted and Edwards carried it by more than 101,000 votes.

Yes, it was on state issues. Trump tried to make It national. He failed. That is an issue. I’m curious how he spins this. Guessing it’ll be Rispone was down fifty points. Trump got him close.

No doubt about it.

I’m sure Trump will congratulate a returning governor who will help him accomplish things.

Again, there are many examples of unpopular candidates who could not be saved by a President’s support. Obama lost some governors, as did President’s before him.

Rispone lost on his own weakness as a candidate.

I should note that the Republican candidate for Secretary of State absolutely destroyed his Democratic opponent this evening and Republicans did well in State Legislative races. So this clearly points to Rispone being a bad candidate.

Waiting on 6 precincts in East Baton Rouge Parish to make this result final. All other parish’s are fully reported.

Good to know. Trump will latch onto this tomorrow.

The dem candidate is strongly anti abortion along with a couple of other mostly right wing issues and has been respected in Louisiana for some time, so also had name recognition. He was a strong candidate from day one for that area of the country.

Yes. But did Obama make those state races a referendum on his presidency like Trump does?

Well that’s not what Trump said and tweeted over and over again. Didnt say that at the rally.

Trump is a liar lol.

Map Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
51.3% John Bel Edwards* Dem 774,469
48.7% Eddie Rispone GOP 734,128
100% of precincts reporting (3,934/3,934) *Incumbent
1,508,597 total votes

Results are now final.

I was told by my president that he was extreme liberal.

Here is an article about him from 2015.


Oh I believe you. Southern governors are crazy pro life. I emphasize the “Crazy”.

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You guys lost bro