Louie gohmert introduces bill to ban the democratic party

just in case you didnt realize how big of an idiot he was.

its cosponsored by Reps. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., Andy Harris, R-Md., Jody Hice, R-Ga., and Randy Weber, R-Tex.

the bill would ban organizations and political groups which historically supported slavery and Confederate states.

I listened to his satire and thought it to be spot on…if…you recognized his satire? I see you didn’t? :sunglasses:


Shouldn’t a “woke” person support the “bill”? :wink:


Seriously…democrats has long history of racism, slavery, white supremacist, KKK etc. If Woke crowd where serious in their endeavor they would ban that party all together.

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We need to recognize and erase our past racism, don’t we?
What difference does it make if it was 150 years ago?

Sounds like a winning argument.

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I am fine with this.

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Throw in the GOP for their Southern Strategy and ban them both.


You know that we have reached the bottom of a rabbit hole when satire and reality are hard to distinguish.

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I am all for this. We then ban the Republican party because when the party was for abortion it was to keep the African-American population down. With both parties gone and we can let the adults have a turn at running the country.

Trump should run on that.

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Because all southerners are racist… amiright?


How does that make him an idiot. That’s WOKE!

Banning doesn’t go far enough. They need to be set on fire and tossed into the ocean.

Does the bill include arresting every member of the Democratic Party as well?

No. Did you read the story?

The funny thing is where it actually happens.

Because by the logic of the OP, if the Democratic Party is racist then so is the GOP.

But it’s all just satire, so no need to be offended amirite? Have a tic-tac. :rofl:


All that Gohmert’s bill would require is a name change.

Clearly the Democratic Party is misnamed since it no longer supports free and fair elections that can resulted in a victory for people such as President Trump. Therefore a name change make sense on multiple levels.

I suggest the Socialist Party would be a more accurate name in addition to making a clean break from its history of slavery and racism.

Do you have another suggestion?

Not real great at logic? The GOP southern strategy was formed and implemented after the GOP helped pass the CRA and administer the cure for systemic racism. The southern strategy was not a racial strategy, it was a strategy to win over the newly enlightened formerly racist democrats.