Losing it...Trump calls for Romney impeachment

Must be getting some briefings on how bad this is going…

PS Does he not know that Romney will be one of the votes if the senate holds and impeachment trial?


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Of course he does, he’s just laying the ground work for “I’m a victim” when it does happen


Its always someone else’s fault with Trumpo


One bite at a time.

Top Romney Adviser Worked With Hunter Biden On Board Of Ukrainian Energy Company



Lol the federalist…

Who knew…


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Hahahaha yes!!! Drip drip drip. Here we goooooooo!!! I’m siked for this one.

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If you click the OP’s link…that’s what you get. Now…make sure you file your complaint with the OP.

The link goes to a hashtag… not the federalist. :rofl:

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Oh…that hashtag wasn’t in the link? What happens when you click it? Try it…I’ll wait. :sunglasses:

You must be playing that 25 dimensional chess.

No man…it’s my day off and…I’m cheating 12 minutes before 5. :tumbler_glass::sunglasses:

Trump isn’t wrong. Mitt is a loser. He couldn’t even beat the most corrupt president we’ve had in our lifetime, Barack Obama. He’s a complete failure as a Senator. Does anyone even know anything he’s done since gaining office? I don’t think anyone does, and if they say they do they’re lying or they googled it. Same difference. I hope the people of Utah impeach him because he’s obviously a Never-Trumper, which is basically a Democrat nowadays.


he did not call for his impeachment.

adding that hastag does not count

oh, and full stop

< drool >


Who’s going to tell him that members of Congress don’t get impeached…

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And risk being the next one to get the impeach call?

Why not?

I don’t understand you. Good day.

Trump is being stupid calling for Romney’s impeachment.
A Senator can be expelled by a 2/3 vote of the Senate, without involvement by the House.
If Trump wants Romney gone, that is what he should be calling for.

I have many friends who support Trump. I have no idea why, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good people.