Looks like Trump is pulling out of Afghanistan

Trump would have pulled troops out of western Germany like 2 years after WWII and be like we won bitches.

I agree, given enough time, treasure and blood Afghanistan could totally be the Japan of Central Asia.

The issue is if you let the Taliban come back, they become a safe haven for international terrorism within 10 years.

So what. Plenty of states already like that.

One of the few times I agree with him.

Why is trump announcing our intentions???

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I wish that was more funny than sad.

Could it be because in Japan we made it so they have NO army and we are to defend and protect them?

Did we have Afghanistan sign the same type of thing?

So the United States needs to occupy indefinitly is what you are saying?

Depends on what the point of the mission, if the point is to kill terrorist then no. If the point is to remove safe havens for terrorism to grow and recruit then you need to stabilize

Americ rebuilt the japanse military they just dont call it a army.

That is what the current mission in Afghanistan is rebuilding and stabilizing

Walk away and nuke it!!!

We are in JAPAN to give us leverage with China and protect our country from Pacific invasions. Have you read any history of the last 100 years?

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You got him now.

And he’s still your president.

Why would they not all conservatives were upset when Obama pulled out of Iraq. Only the neocon wing was upset. The only other option it to stay forever like Afghanistan, and I think both sides in terms of citizens wishes we would leave that place.

It seems to be the case, as an example Afghanistan it looks like we might as well make them a colony we’re going on being deployed there 18 years.

Totally different cultures and people. Afghanistan will never be Germany or Japan.

Agreed. But leaving now will create a terrorist state in 5 years just have to live with that fact

Afghanistan is ugly, of course he’s going to pull out.


Sadly, I believe that you’re actually serious about this.