Looks like Trump is pulling out of Afghanistan

Huge and good if true.


Wow. Trump ended the war on terror in 2 years.

About time. Good job Mr. President. You’re the best Republican president since Lincoln.


I’m actually much more for this change than the Syria “pull out.” In both cases there will be damaging consequences but in Syria the damage to the kurds will be brutal. And Putin has been chomping at the bit to get us out of Syria and our abrupt departure is a huge gift to him.

A democratic president would be eviscerated for both these moves though.

Trump has repeatedly claimed he knows more than the generals, so why would he need their opinions?

interesting if true

I’m not surprised. There is no consultation. No discussion on timing based on facts and evidence. Just “Trump’s gut feelings.”

Who cares what those snowflakes think?

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I wonder if this is the reason for the following?

i’m not surprised either. Trump alienates everyone.

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Jesus what a December. Dizzying.

Trump won because people wanted better Decembers.


No conservatives here. After an 18 year war you would think they had an opinion on the matter.

Amen to that!

Now if he would just pull us out of the rest of the middle east and out of South Korea!

The Taliban victory party is going to be a blast.

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Withdrawing from Syria/Afghanistan would be BIG news on any normal day but alas these are not normal times. That said, it’s way beyond time to be out of Afghanistan. If the US waits much longer its going to happen soon that there will US troops there born after the Sept 11, 2001 attacks.

“Come on private, move your tail, this ain’t your daddy’s war”…“Oh, wait!”


Stabilization take a long time why do you think there have been U.S troop in Japan for so long.

Someone is moving fast on things…as if something is coming

Remember the shutdown?