Looks like the United States Army is going to rename its ten bases named after Confederate generals

While the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Army say they are just “considering” it, after their previous refusal to consider the matter, this switch can pretty much be construed as the first step in actually changing the names.

Here are the ten bases:

I think we could start the process by changing Fort Bragg to Fort Alvin C. York. York was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, which is stationed at Fort Bragg.

Fort Polk could keep its name, but be rededicated to President James K. Polk in recognition of his wartime presidency during the Mexican War.

I would change Fort Lee to Fort Grant, but there already was a Fort Grant, so that kind of screws that up. Maybe change it to Fort Patton after General George S. Patton.

Somebody better start working on the name list. :smile: This is very likely going to happen.

Polk was a slaveholder, that won’t work. Nice try to cut down on the paperwork, but no go. :smile:

Good shouldn’t name bases after losers.

Found a good “Polk” to rededicate Fort Polk to.

Among other things, Commander in Chief, United States Army Europe.

What about Richard Winters he could be a good candidate.

He is a possibility.

I’d like to see a break in tradition and name them after MOH holders. In reverse chronological order.


I’d like to see the same naming convention for Navy surface ships.

Navy MOH awardees, Silver Star, sailors cited for heroism. No more politicians, living or dead especilly ones who were never in the military.


There’s already been a Patton’s Fort :grinning:

Everything I served in will exist no more. :thinking:

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Me too, or already doesn’t.

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I guess @Safiel isn’t crapping on Engineer Country, so I got that going for me, which is nice. :rofl:

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I ain’t crapping on anyone or anything. Just reporting on what was just announced in the news.

Kind of inevitable actually.

And it is TRUMP’s men that are proposing the change, not me. :smile:

It only serves to further my legend anyway. :wink:

Sargent York was in WW I. The 82nd wasn’t airborne yet.

simple and no one could possibly suggest they don’t deserve it.

The Confederate names were probably a result of pressure to placate Southern Democrats in the Jim Crow era. I have no problem with changing the names.

I agree that World War II generals such as Patton, Eisenhower, and Marshal are possible alternatives.

African-Americans who lead the fight for the Union are other possible alternatives. Here is a list that includes several possibilities:

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The sleeper has awoken. :sunglasses:

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Personally I like the idea of celebrating brave Black Republicans who defeated racist Democrats who were literately fighting to tear the country apart. That is what happened during the Civil War; let’s see what fact-checkers do with that narrative.

I would have no problem kneeling during the Battle Hymn of the Republic:

Curious as to the constant references here to party affiliation as though it should mean something.

I believe the Civil War was 160ish years ago.

This is like a baseball fan talking about the greatness of the Cincinnati Red Stockings versus the Mutuals of New York as a reason why the Reds are a better franchise than the Yankees.