Looks like the United States Army is going to rename its ten bases named after Confederate generals

Agree but let’s wait until we get the USS Anthony Weiner so someday I can hear:

“In response to this latest provocation from Iran, the United States deployed the USS Weiner to the Persian Gulf. It is not expected to meet stiff resistance.”


You know that, in keeping with naval tradition, the arrival and departure of the ship’s captain, is announced over the ship’s 1MC (PA system),

The captain is rung aboard with 4 tolls of the bell, the name of the ship, and then a single bell toll.

e.g.: ding ding, ding ding, Enterprise (Abraham Lincoln, George Bush) arriving, ding

So it would be: ding ding, ding ding, Weiner arriving (or departing), ding


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Normally I just turn on the Marvin Gaye to communicate to my wife that it’s time to get down to business…

…but this is going to be SO much smoother! The only question now is whether to say “ding ding” or if I should ring an actual bell.

Will report back on success and marital status upon field testing, Sir!

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YES! I am so happy about this! Great news!

  1. Beuregard’s first superintendent was William Tecumseh Sherman, so he should get that.
  2. Benning was guided by George Marshall for a long time, and his stewardship there led to his later Marshall Plan.
  3. Bragg should be named after William C Lee. He created and led the first Airborne Command there.
  4. Gordon should be named for Alvin C. York
  5. AP Hill should be named for Patton
  6. Hood should be named for AD Bruce or Jackie Robinson
  7. Lee should be named for Nathaniel Greene, a revolutionary war hero and a quartermaster, which is what Lee is known for training.
  8. Pickett should be named for Tech. Sgt. Frank D. Peregory
  9. Polk should be named for Sgt. Joe Hooper
  10. Rucker should be named for Milton Crenchaw


Jackie Robinson was a 1st Lieutenant there. He was discharged after refusing to move to the back of the Army bus that was transporting him. He was later exonerated. Little known story but it would be a real homage to Black Soldiers and the difficulties they faced.

But I would also say the Armed Services were always way ahead of the Civilian World when it came to Civil Rights.

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I think that military base should not be named after anyone.

I did not know that - good story!


Here is a nice article on it.



Here are links to other candidates you may not know…

Frank Peregory…

Joe Hooper

Milton Crenchaw - The flight instructor to the Tuskegee Airmen

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the navy just banned the flag of traitors from its bases and ships

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Ft. Bragg should be renamed Ft. Howard.

Very good. Unpatriotic traitors who waged war against these United States and loss have no place and should not be recognized. Hopefully this pathetic territory marking for these racists traitors will disappear altogether. It’s a new day!


All these army bases should be renamed to Fort Puller…give’em something to aspire to.

Yes, this.

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Not this.

No idea if it matters, but we have an old Ft Howard in MD.

Well, I tried…but I do like the MoH idea.

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