Looks like the Republican controlled Texas Legislature is FINALLY going to take out the garbage

TWENTY articles of impeachment.


Some concern abuse or neglect of office, but many are criminal in nature.

Pretty bad when the individual responsible for upholding the law in your State is literally public enemy number one.


On the upside, Paxton will soon have more time to devote to his upcoming criminal defense.


Hes not going anywhere.

Dimbulbcrats are outraged as well.
Whatever Paxton had been doing the Dims likely are engaging in the same if not worse.
Politicians :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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if youre going to be corrupt, you better be a democrat


Tell that garbage truck to stop by the White House and collect a bigger load of garbage.

Its a shame that we cannot get rid of a president that is killing us.


We already did and it was glorious.


Da comrade, things are just peachy huh?


Sounds like a description of Joe Biden to me.

Especially the bribery accusation.

Comer is in the process of proving it. Wray is trying to stonewall him about turning over the evidence.

P.S. Cant help but wonder when the dems are going to take the trash in the WH out.

Whatever we have evidence of is no better than whatever we feel the other side is doing!! :joy:

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Deflector shields turned to max in this thread!!!



Rather than knee-jerk whataboutisms I would have thought Republicans here would be happy to support a Republican legislature holding one of their own accountable for malfeasance.


Republicans? Accountability? Surely you jest.

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Yay yuns!!! Yet his approval numbers are still going up and the one you replaced him withs numbers are in the toilet and going on down.

(withs) is bad grammar, but thats the way I say it.

Paxton has a history of defrauding investors.

His warts have never been a problem, until his conduct caught up with him to the tune of 3.3 million.

Of course he agreed to settle so long as the state foots the bill. Thats when it got weird.

It sounds like the ask for the State to pick-up his $3.3M settlement has become a sticking point.
The up coming vote will be interesting.

Its all fun and games until money is on the line

A history of accusations.

A history of weaseling now bearing fruit.

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Hes not going anywhere.

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Impeachment vote happened. Trial next