Looks like NAFTA is down to 3 points

Cultural content. Meaning Canadian broadcasting for tv and radio are not for sale even to American companies.

Chapter 19 resolution for disputes which Trudeau says have to stay since Trump does not follow the rules.

But concessions will be made on dairy as they were in the TPP.

Content isn’t a big issue America is already 90% of the market and we don’t even make U.S station provide “X” amount of Canadian content like we do Canadian stations.

Dairy is a toss up its not really a major issue outside of voters in Ontario.

19 is the biggest issue not something we should back down on its important to have third party resolve disputes.

Another big issue is telecommunications U.S want into the market but we wont let them this is one spot where i lean towards America we need to bust t3 monopoly

Harper tried to let foreign companies into the cell phone business and there was no takers.

If, OTOH, the Canadians could be freed of entertainment content from south of their border they’d probably come out ahead.

I sometimes think we should shut down Hollywood and let the theaters show re-releases of classics. I’d love to see old Blue Eye’s Manchurian Candidate or Young Frankenstein on the big screen.

Certainly nothing made by the entertainment industry today is getting me into theaters and I still have those stupid gift certificates my brother gave me years ago, so it’s not like I’d have to spend money to see their crap.

Why not just focus on what you watch and leave everybody else out of it?

We get American shows here. But there are content rules .

I would be okay with no more control of American content by Canadian companies. For instance if a CDN network buys the rights to a show no one else is allowed to stream it here. I would be cool with that being done away with.

we get American station the issue is on how much American content Canadian station can show.

Agreed the current rules are really old and need reworking I would be okay with allowing more American content on Canadian stations, its a good time to rework them with the increase of streaming and online network like Netflix, Crave, etc.

Which is horrible Roger is a nightmare to deal with.

I can see dialing content rules back. Rogers already destroyed Hockey Night in Canada.

But Canadian content gave us Trailer Park Boys Letter Kenny SCTV and 19-2 Cardinal etc…

I with Freedom but moving to Koodo.

Those are going no where Canadian content will always be a major point Harper tried to cut funding to the Art (who in turn spend it on TV content) and he didn’t go over-well.

I’ve been voting with my feet for years. That was expressly implied. As for everyone else, what do I care? I only said what my preference would be and where I thought better entertainment value lay.

TVO has been doing a great series of documentaries on each county in Ontario.

Does Canada have a BBC version of TV Land?

Do us all a favor and get one, and then find a way to show it down south.

I’d love to watch The Avengers again…

More kicking Trump while he’s down.

Yes, I think the NYT fake news is to get this success off the news too, Won’t work,

Trump is Cool…

And since we will have a better trade deficit with Mexico, he’s paying for the wall…Ha ha!