Looks Like mitt's On Board

No Justice, no peace.

Poor nancy and her empty quiver.

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…cept Mitt didn’t say how he’d vote and a rino doesn’t change his horns. :sunglasses:


Yep, probably wants a vote so he can get more publicity for his no.


Precisely. He’s setting a dramatic stage for himself.

This is the most shocking news of 2020 for me.

I won’t believe it until the vote is cast.

I do hope he is on board.

I WANT to like Pierre Delecto.


So if he does support Trump’s nomination, the left will go back to hating on him and we’ll get more magic underware funnies, horse dressage education, car elevator hysteria binders full of women, and dogs on hood of cars photos.

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He’s a conservative…especially socially.

He wants a conservative justice…he can count on Trump to give him that.

Doesn’t shock me in the slightest. I always knew Mitch had the votes…no way would he allow for more than two defections.


I wouldn’t count him as a yes vote yet. However on a roll call vote I would make him vote first

Well at least he isn’t guilty of a double standard since he wasn’t in the Senate four years ago.

Mitch didn’t announce before he knew Romney’s vote.

I forgot about that!


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Mitch never announces anything until he knows he has the votes.

Hell…I actually believe he knew McCain was going to vote no on the attempt of the skinny repeal of the ACA, and just didn’t care.


Thank goodness. At least he let his conservative principles overcome his Trump hate.

Nancy’s big arrow was shot with the fake impeachment. When it didn’t reach half way to the target, her quiver was shown to have rubber tipped darts.

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“Trump hate”

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:rofl::+1: I like it.

Lets see, if someone was the only member of my party who voted to impeach me and said I was guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, would I think that was more or less significant than their having a picture taken with me?

Well, do you have evidence that that vote was based on hate ?

Any vote that isn’t for Trump is based on hate.


Any opposition to such a world-historical, ennobling figure must arise from hatred. Or, evil.