Looks like I was right...one of the reasons wearing masks are not as effective as some believe

In a number of other threads I expressed doubt to the efficacy of old, used and/or dirty masks. Finally I found a study on this:

It’s one thing to conduct a study under controlled conditions, but it’s a whole other thing to assume the results will apply to a huge and uncontrolled sociological setting.


From the link:

"Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and California Baptist University say that masks slow down airflow, making people more susceptible to breathing in particles — and a dirty face mask can’t effectively filter out the tiniest of droplets."

So…don’t wear dirty mask. Seem like a simple fix.


No, getting people to do things the right way is not simple. Large percentages of medical professionals can’t get it right either.

And in conclusion: “We hope public health authorities strengthen the current preventative measures to curb COVID-19 transmission, like choosing a more effective mask, wearing it properly for the highest protection, and avoid using an excessively used or expired surgical mask,” said Xi.


“Wear clean masks.”

Seems simple to me.


I don’t think anyone is advocating wearing “old, used and/or dirty masks.”


Either people spend 25 bucks and get 50 single use masks, which last two people about a month, or they purchase masks that can be washed, sanitized and reused which cost between 25 and 50 bucks for 5 on Amazon and can be cleaned and sanitized weekly.

My masks actually have a vinyl outer coating which help to stop the droplets from being absorbed into the mask material. They also have a charcoal filter. I don’t know if they work any better or worse than anything else. I bought it based on recommendations in studies I had read. They work for me.

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I read a report awhile back that seemed to make sense, they tested a bunch of masks against each other, and those N95 masks that have the respirators are the real deal and block like 99% of every particle. The problem is most people don’t have those masks. Our buddies in the CCP turned the 3M ships around during the early stages of the virus.

Exhaust ports are a no no.

This study only measures the efficacy of the mask in preventing inhalation of SARS-COV-2 particles. The reason we wear simple masks in public is to restrict as best we can the exhalation of virus from the infected but asymptomatic.

Any protection to the wearer is a bonus, and that’s where clean, well made masks worn correctly are important.


In a large uncontrolled sociological setting that’s what many people do.

Should have been made clear masks were a last resort with the best option being, stay home and away from people if at all possible. Way too many people think as long as they are wearing a mask they are ok. Lot of them in the morgue.

Indeed. People disregarding pandemic guidelines is a big problem.

I’ve been hearing that message for months, the problem is people not following it.

Yes…orders must be followed.

Were you hearing that while restaurants were or are still open? Bit of a mixed message isn’t it?

You should go to Subway where workers refuse to wear gloves and wash hands. Let’s see if you want the workers to follow orders.

What orders? My state doesn’t mandate masks. Why ignore commonsense health guidelines?

I say tell people like Whitmer, Newsom, and Cuomo that are giving those orders to pound sand myself.

Those people are enjoying the power and will not give it up willingly.