Looks like Elizabeth Warren is Native American


She should have just let this go.


She can’t. She’s invested.


Absolutely, Bill and Hillary could possibly be back in the White House throwing lavish parties using uniformed members of the US Military as waiters!


May I asked who, besides others’ trust in her, did Elizabeth Warren hurt with her claim of indigenous heritage?

She didn’t use it to pull a stunt like this

This man failed to read a contract he signed and didn’t like the results, disrupting his daughter’s and the adoptive family’s lives.

E W would have been Harvard faculty as a qualified woman—white, brown, whatever.

Has anyone come out of the woodwork to say she got a job that should have been his/hers?

Who exactly did she hurt?


Who would identify themselves as an American Indian when, at most, they have one Indian ancestor 6 to 10 generations removed? That’s less than the average American,
When this first came up in 2012, Warren should have stepped away from it and apologized. Something like ‘We all lie and I got caught. I won’t lie to you in the future’. That would have ended it and probably made her some friends. I would have respected it.

This is a classic example of “What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”




Anyone else notice how there were so few minorities in the crowd at her rally yesterday?

It’s like she was running a white nationalist meeting or something.


She’ll be the first one to drop out.


One need look no further than ■■■■■ grabbing and Weinergate to see how quickly opinions can shift.

I’m curious to see where this will go a year and half from now. The fact that Fred Trump hired a doctor to diagnose fake foot bone spurs so Don could dodge the draft is already yesterday’s news.