Looks like crime being down was all a lie

Seems the government is once again not telling the truth.
Not only did they know that the stats they were given out were a lie. They also changed the rules so they could make it look like crime was down when in fact crime is up.


That is precisely what we have been posting…but libs still want to gaslight us. Or better put…lie right to our faces.


From the linked article

“ Part of the problem is how police departments report offenses to the FBI. The FBI asked, then demanded, that law enforcement agencies “transition” away from the system they used for decades to a new, more detailed but onerous one. The 2021 mandate to use NIBRS to submit crime data proved a disaster as overstretched departments, especially in large cities, failed to reach compliance and thus did not submit data. ”

I m old enough to remember just a week or two ago being told I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist for questioning government’s crime data.

Eventually libs are wrong….every single time.


That’s why i keep a lot of them on ignore.

I think a lot of them lie right to our faces as well.


They’re fully aware, they’re not stupid…well maybe some are. Either way they have no problem of lying knowing fully well they’re lying.

It’s why we can’t even debate anymore…how can you?


I thought I was the only one!


There is nothing in that link that says crime is up year over year.

In fact there is an entire paragraph that says violent crime is down in major cities that they cited. Even if there may be some level of error in the data.

“Our analysis of 40 jurisdictions that both reported data to the FBI and the Major Cities Chiefs Association, which collects data from the largest police departments, shows that homicide declined 10.2% across 40 major cities in 2023 since 2022, but the FBI reported a 12.8% decline in those same jurisdictions. Similarly, the FBI reported a 6.6% decline in violent crime since 2022, but the same cities reported only a 4.5% drop, with the FBI counting 3,200 more violent crimes in 2022 than the MCCA and 2,600 fewer in 2023 — a net discrepancy of almost 5,900 offenses. That gap conveniently results in a more significant drop in crime levels year to year.”

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Again from the linked article

“ In 2019, 89% of agencies covering 97% of the population submitted data, but by 2021, that coverage plummeted to less than 63% of departments overseeing just 65% of the population. Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City all failed to submit crime data. To increase participation, the FBI relaxed the NIBRS requirement in 2022, allowing agencies to report via the legacy system. ”

Crime stats can’t help but go down given that.


“Crime didn’t drop 12% it actually dropped 10%… suck it libs”

That’s the entire thread, basically.


No but it does call things into question. Like the Baltimore data is a red flag.

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[quote=“Rodeo, post:3, topic:246776”]
Eventually libs are wrong….every single time.

It never fails. :woman_shrugging:


My favorite part of this post is that if the numbers don’t change and show a decrease once reporting increases it will be again said that the numbers were massages and that libs are always wrong . Never admitting being wrong is clearly a thing among some

:+1: :roll_eyes:

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It will happen. He’s not wrong.

For me, I only can go by anecdotal evidence and I see far fewer murders being reported on TV news in Philly than I have in years past.

But that is pure anecdote…and I didn’t keep tabs on it…just going on my recollection.

But people will believe whatever aligns with what they’ve already chosen to believe.


Well, if a police lobbyist said so in an Op-Ed, it must be true. Right?


We knew it was total bull feces but it’s nice to now have some of the partial truth being told.

But many other cities, such as St. Louis, which had transitioned to the new method, still struggle to comply and submit partial or faulty data. The FBI compensates by relying more heavily on “estimation,” or informed guesswork, to fill in the gaps and produce aggregated data.
That method of inferring offense totals is based on similar jurisdictions and past trends but is prone to error since it cannot compensate for local factors or events. For example, comparing Baltimore’s 2015 homicide total to similar cities’ trends would produce a skewed result. Baltimore, beset by riots and a police stand-down, saw murder rise 62% that year. In peer cities, murders rose in Cleveland only 15% and fell in Detroit by 1% and Memphis by 4%.

So Baltimore is up by 62% but Memphis is down by 4%. Uh, huh…that’s ez to swallow if you’ve been sheoplized? Have you been?

Nahhhhh…not me. I’d rather call them stupid if they’re ignorant and a liar if they’re lying. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Yes that’s how hypotheticals work. They usually start with if :face_with_monocle:

Another example of “libs are always wriong” because it’s easier to point out when they are wrong than admitting being wrong….


What the hell are you yammering about?

If if if …

Gotta create a hypothetical and then pretend the hypothetical matters.