Look what the Democrat Party Leadership has done to democrat voters

The DPL (Democrat Party Leadership) has caused the price of gasoline to skyrocket to an average price of $3.76 per gallon, up about $1.25 per gallon since the Biden Administration took office.
Because of the DPL’s policies which have caused the sharp rise in gas prices, the cost of almost everything else, including the bare necessities of life [food, clothing, shelter, etc.] has also soared to new heights, making life for democrat voters, especially those who rent, difficult indeed.

For example, “. . . the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said in research released Monday that Americans on average expect rents to rise 10.1 percent over the next year”, LINK

In addition to the sharp rise in rent, which democrat voters are now paying, and will pay, another DPL’s policy has waved the legal resident requirement for illegal entrants so they may obtain taxpayer finance housing vouchers, and this policy now has illegal entrants competing with American citizens and veterans for the limited supply of available public housing.

It should also be noted how the Democrat Party Leadership’s failure to enforce immigration laws, and has actually participated in the violation of such laws [see for example, 8 U.S. Code § 1324 - Bringing in and harboring certain aliens], have encouraged an explosion of illegal border crossings.

Keep in mind the shocking reversal of the previous Administration’s policies at the border ___ policies which actually reduced an ongoing invasion of migrants to a trickle ___ is responsible for the current tidal wave of poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, Covid infected, disabled and criminal populations of other countries to now pour across our southern border.

There is no question about it. The current Democrat Party Leadership’s policies at our southern border has encouraged an explosion of illegal border crossings and it is having devastating effects upon American citizens and their children.

Among the estimated one million border crossings since the DPL took over, there are tens of thousands of poverty stricken children who are now flooding into local communities and public school systems, and this in itself is inflicting overwhelming financial and social effects on these communities, and, the children of American, taxpaying citizens, are paying the price!

For a recent, eye opening article on this very issue see: Border crisis hits NYC schools amid unaccompanied minors influx (nypost.com):

October 30, 2021

“Most parents are not even aware this is going on,” said Sam Pirozzolo, former president of the Community Education Council on Staten Island, while those aware of potential problems are afraid to raise politically incorrect concerns amid an angry cancel culture that forbids dissent.

“Parents are under assault, period,” he said. “They’re already called domestic terrorists for standing up for their children. It’s difficult enough worrying about your own children, your own families and your local neighborhood politics but then have to worry about another issue. Parents are under siege as it is.”

So why is the Democrat Party Leadership so intent on making life miserable for democrat voters and their children?


The Democrat Party Leadership, once an advocate for hard working American citizens and their families, has now GONE MAD


Can you provide a specific policy/regulation that Biden implemented (or removed) that impacts our gas prices?


Lol whut?


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Cites an opinion column. Classic. :rofl:

Holy ■■■■■ that article says that Biden stopping the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia because of the atrocities they are committing in Yemen and publicly acknowledging MBS ordering a hit out on Khashoggi were bad things.

That is ■■■■■■■ wild.

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From last March no less.

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Well, in case you missed it, the prediction in the article made in March turned out to be true.

"Americans should blame Biden, but not for the reason you might think. Biden’s attack on U.S. energy producers, starting with his freeze on federal oil and gas leases, will assuredly take a toll on output down the road and cause prices at the pump to rise."


The Democrat Party Leadership, once an advocate for hard working American citizens and their families, is now their worst nightmare.


It isn’t a study in the mystic arts to see prices soar as Biden croaks out green promises he can never deliver.

It’s all on the puppet president.

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So ignoring the crazy parts of that Op-ed… how does freezing leases on land where no extraction has happened nor has any development been made back in March affect prices in November?

Back in the real world …

Put together surging demand from the US reopening with supply crunches both domestic and global, and it should be no surprise that gas prices are spiking.

Those energy companies must be bankrupted. . . they represent “white supremacy”.


Absolutely stunning. Not only are roads and bridges “racist”, but energy companies as well.


The Democrat Party Leadership, once an advocate for hard working American citizens and their families, is now their worst nightmare.

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…where the sheople are fed the narrative the shepherds want regurgibleated in an attempt to hide the truth.


Feel free to counter anything in that article. Please share the truth with everyone.

Reduced supply.

Why are we still blaming OPEC? We don’t import much from Arabia.

Time to decouple.


Reduced supply, which the US energy companies chose to do in order to match the reduced Covid demand. You don’t remember the lack of storage causing WTI to go negative?

Sure. They can’t predict increased demand?

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ITT a bunch of conservatives pray to the federal government to save them from the energy free market.

The reasons for the price spike are textbook supply and demand from an economics textbook: Americans have gotten back to driving more this summer as the pandemic has moderated, and a combination of domestic supply interruptions and trouble in energy markets overseas have made crude oil more expensive.

These “domestic supply interruptions” are directly and indirectly attributable to the government’s mishandling of businesses during this pandemic…deciding what is and what isn’t “essential”, closing down some businesses, putting them under and crippling components of the supply chain.

After 18 months of soft pricing, big oil is enjoying a period od increased demand and profit margins.

Why would they rush to ramp up now? They are making more money in this market while having relatively stable cost basis. If they rush to expand, they increase their costs, and push the price of their product lower.

Why would they want to do that?