Look at all gas guzzling pickup Trucks at Biden event

So that would be part of a national plan? Letting local/state officials set policy? Like we have under Trump?

So over rule local/state officials and mandate from federal level?

So over rue local/state officials?

If need be yes. We should be able to do this as a country and fact we haven’t is embarrassing.

Under what constitutional authority can Biden do that?


What is this supposed to prove? From your link…

“Adults with positive SARS-CoV-2 test results were approximately twice as likely to have reported dining at a restaurant than were those with negative SARS-CoV-2 test results.”

You can’t eat or drink through a mask. It’s no wonder they were twice as likely to test positive.

So a national order to shut things down again?

Absolutely not…we need to bring the infection rate down. That can be done without shutdowns.

:rofl: 71%. Always.

Someone should tell “I would shut it down” Biden.

He probably forgot what he is supposed to say this week.


The thing that needs fixed is mr Biden.

How do you stop people touching their virus/bacteria/germ trap and then touching other things that others then touch? You may be limiting the distance droplets travel while your mask is new, but you are collecting growing colonies of all kinds of germs in your mask and eventually delivering them with your hands and moist breath.

How many more of these desperate threads are we going to have to endure for the nest three weeks and a day?


He has a real plan and he’s keeping it from us lowly Americans unless he gets elected??

That’s really sick!

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Is there anybody in those trucks? He may be in a car lot.


Low Emission Transportation of the future under Biden Harris campaign or Harris Biden campaign depending what day it is.

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Oh the horror. They own cars and trucks. Burn the witches…

Would it? :face_with_monocle:

A Centers for Disease Control report released in September shows that masks and face coverings are not effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19, even for those people who consistently wear them.

credit to @RTchoke for finding the article.

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Well if you’re a farmer…

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