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so he was arrested for refusing to be kicked out of class because he was using his rights to sit down during the pledge.

From your own cut and paste.


He was not arrested for refusing to participate in the pledge


No he was arrested for making repeated threats.

The administrator asked him to leave the classroom more than 20 times, police said, and the student allegedly made threats while being escorted to the office.

Read the article before hyperventilating.

No he wasn’t, read the article.

He was entitled to sit, he was not entitled to start mouthing off to the teacher, then the principle, and then the cops.

It’s lib-spin a fun challenge to untangle the truth? :sunglasses:

…or lib denial of the truth on display? :sunglasses:

Where do you stand on doctor reports and other reports from professionals?

The fake news was your interpretation of the actual story.

Yeah mouthing off is definitely arrestable. Lol. Especially to the cops.


I agree with Safiel i have no idea what happened after he refused to stand to pass judgment

If he made threats, it was. Although, this day and age I think the stick of law enforcement is used to heavily in schools.

School “Resource” Officer LOL these guys are a joke mostly failed cops

Well, turns out the kid was right about his being entitled to sit. He was standing up for his rights. The teacher escalated it needlessly because they were at all times in the wrong.

There aren’t many cases where an 11 year old gets arrested and it isn’t the adult in the room’s fault. Maybe this kid is pure evil like Michael Myers, but it’s doubtful.

Well here was a story for you that was on the front page of Yahoo, along with many of the others that I’m sure are linked here. So you do in fact use Yahoo. :slight_smile:

Which of course is mostly made up of consolidated links from other sources. This one that I linked to happens to have a USA Today byline.

Now my brother and sister prefer MSN’s format to browse for info when they first go online so I thought you might have another unknown source to me.

But I also agree that this seems to be a good one stop shop to see what’s out there that might be pushing buttons, which I suspect is the reason it exists.

Little hooligan! Serves him right for being an upset child after the teacher began to verbally abuse him for exercising his right to stay seated. Obviously completely his fault and not the adult(s) in charge.

If I had been the Dean of Students there and that teacher called me into that situation she would have found herself being the one asked to leave the classroom, who would you have sided with?

Would you have protected the student’s rights and explained them to the woman who obviously doesn’t understand them or would you have joined her in the continued abuse of the already upset kid?

If he made threats then i agree

Same question to you.

How upset is the kid allowed to get when an agent of the government tries to compel him to say something he doesn’t want to say? And the tells him he should move to another country if he doesn’t feel welcome here? What is the limit?

I’ve heard far more than idle threats from people here regarding their plans to defend their right to own guns.

Why is this kid subject to legal notions of demeanor in the face of what’s the government did to him?