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This substitute teacher does need to go back to Cuba, because she obviously doesn’t understand that the kid does not have to stand and pledge in this country if he does not want to do it.

The rest of the staff and those cops should go too.

He was not arrested for refusing to participate in the pledge-even though students have the right to do so…

Ok. That “even though” doesn’t make sense and contradicts the “is facing charges after refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and creating a disturbance in the classroom,”

Perhaps the “creating a disturbance” is the more central point of all this.
Ah…at least we do have a link to what really happened:

" A student in 6 th grade created a disruption in the classroom. The School Resource Officer and Dean of Students responded to the classroom and attempted to calm the student down. The student was asked over 20 times to leave the classroom by the Dean of Students. The School Resource Officer then intervened and asked the student to exit the classroom and he refused. The student left the classroom and created another disturbance and made threats while he was escorted to the office. "

Yahoo and fake news go together.


rofl - So you have a link that says the same thing as the yahoo link, but yahoo is fake news and yours is what really happened.

Conservative logic at it’s best!

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Yeah, that’s the issue right there.

You still take police reports as gospel.

Most of us don’t.

Nonsense. The link was from Yahoo that I used. But Yahoo misrepresented what the police report said and never mentioned the details that would have destroyed their own story.
How many people check the links provided in a story? Yahoo knows that.

And you take Yahoo as gospel?

Not to mention completely excusing this teacher who sounds like a gem.

This is what she admitted to in her report. We can all wonder what else she did that got the kid so upset before she called the office because she was tired of dealing with him.

But in con world, well… it must be the kid.

Double nonsense. The link was likely in this paragraph which very clearly says the kid was arrested for creating a disturbance and refusing repeated instructions.

Now for you, that’s enough to ignore that it is all over him simply not standing for the pledge. For other Americans it is not. I went in the military to defend this kids right not to stand. What did you join for?

Ok. Does the above statement lead one to believe that an 11 year old student was facing charges for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Of course it does. Otherwise we would not even have this thread.
A thread that simply stated that a child created a disturbance inside and out of the classroom and was arrested for those disturbances really wouldn’t earn much of a place in a political forum, now would it?


I don’t take anything as gospel. I don’t use Yahoo - I’m not living in 1999 - and I know this may be hard for you to wrap your head around, but where I read a story isn’t really that important.

Have you actually read about the facts of this situation? You should - you might find yourself on the other side of the fence.

Did the teacher or anyone else dispute that this was all started with him refusing to stand for the pledge?

Yes or no will do.

No, it wont do. The substitute teacher was wrong…imagine that. That did not give the child a right to refuse to leave the classroom or give him the right to cause disturbances in or outside of the classroom. They are separate things.
He could have been removed from the classroom, the mother could have complained and the issue could have been resolved peaceably within a day.

Your big exposé Doug

Yahoo article again for you

Tried to calm the student down - check

Asked to leave over 20 times - check

made threats while being escorted - check

One’s fake news and the other is the truth - Hilarious! :rofl:

Responding to such news reports as I have seen and not to the opinions of any of the posters here or elsewhere.

  1. In regards to the initial incident, clearly the substitute teacher was wrong and the kid was entitled to sit.

  2. Beyond that, I don’t have enough facts to make any judgments about the subsequent actions of the child or the teacher or the school or the police.


Sure if the adults weren’t nuts and decided first not to threaten the kid by telling him he should leave the country. (she should never teach again)

2nd - not be so ridiculous as to arrest the kid under these circumstances and like you said, just get his mother there and let it end.

Your only real complaint is that the yahoo title was click bait. The story is not false and click bait is something I’m sure you see all the time on Breitbart and Drudge and many other sites I’m sure you likely visit.

That’s all any reasonable person needs to say.

Really? Help usher me into the future. What vast fountain of knowledge is out there that renders Yahoo to the scrap heap? I really want to know.

Initially, I am informed of most news stories by this website.

I hear about a story, I read about it from a bunch of sources, and then I think.

At the moment yes.

If we get more facts, then we can move on to subsequent events.

so he was arrested for refusing to leave the classroom for not standing for the pledge