Log Cabin R Endorse Trump in 2020

Interesting glimpse into the question of whether president Trump can gain supporters he did not have in 2016.

The answer appears to be a solid YES!

This organization did not endorse Trump in 2016, yet has come out early and enthusiastically for Trump in 2020.

This comes as a shock to many on the activist Left, but it really shouldn’t. It makes complete sense that for gay Republicans, who otherwise support most of the GOP’s agenda, President Trump’s record on gay and lesbian issues is good enough to earn their endorsement. He’s certainly the most pro-gay Republican president in American history.

As the Log Cabin leaders note, Trump has fought to end HIV, launched a campaign to decriminalize homosexuality internationally, and appointed high-level gay people to his administration, such as Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell.

Way to go!!



Yeah, I can understand the Log Cabin support of Trump. While Trump is not as pro-LGBT as the Dems he has not been awful and I wouldn’t expect Log Cabin to be one issue voters.

One should see what the German’s think of Richard Grenell before touting that as an accomplishment.

They appear to like him very much…at least the Germans who are fed up with the Merkel immigration policy do.

Imagine the hubris of Syrian asylum seekers who then take a holiday BACK TO SYRIA!

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has announced the government will be cracking down on Syrians with asylum status who go on holiday back to Syria.
Bavarian centre-right leader Horst Seehofer said that the government would be looking to strip Syrians who visit their home country on holiday of their asylum status, saying that those who regularly travel to the country cannot make a serious claim that they are being persecuted there, Kronen Zeitung reports.

Every other nation with Syrian asylum seekers should be doing the same.


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Yes I think he will pick up some supporters that didn’t vote for him in 2016. I think a few folks just thought he’d start WWIII over a tweet. If he manages to not do that in next 15 months or so he’ll have new voters.

The anti-war vote is a big one. I remember pulling the level for Obama in 2008 even though I was a fiscal conservative, I thought there was a better chance than not that McCain would bring us into another war.

The only state that Trump lost in 2016 that he can win in 2020 is NH. NH is the only state that I can see him winning in 2020 that he lost in 2016.

With the Russian collusion lie hanging over those with in the Democratic Party Trump is guaranteed 2020.

I dunno about states. There are definitely some people that didn’t vote for him in '16 that will vote for him in '20. Like some formerly never Trumpers like Erick Ericson, Neal Boortz and Ben Shapiro, f.e.

What other groups do you think will vote for him in '20 that didn’t in '16? I honestly can’t think of a group of voters that would come over to Trump side in the next election.

I wonder what Ilhan Omar thinks about decriminalizing Homosexuality in the land of Islam?..

To be fair its not like those voters that belong to this organization did not vote for Trump. I doubt whether he is gaining new voters from this.

Multiple chapters of Log Cabin Republicans came out in defiance to the leadership and endorsed Trump in 2016.

Did you forget she’s an American legislator? Why is this even a question?

This might help answer it anyway.

The never Trumpers have been as ineffective at taking on Trump as the fake news about Russian collusion, and non stop yelling of Racism I doubt he’ll need more turnout from reps because moderate dems will have no reason to go to the polls…

Yes… rather vague.

Lol - bookmarked. Clinton was also “guaranteed” a win in 2016. How did that turn out?

I think he’s solidified conservative support as well as perhaps disillusioned moderates/liberals turned off by the “woke” leftist twitter mob

That everything is the Jews fault ?

He also banned same-sex partners of diplomats to the US from getting visas, and banned “gay pride” flags from being flown at US embassies during gay pride month.

Real friend of “the gays” we have there, eh?

“Fighting to end HIV” is lip service. Every president since Reagan has done so.

Other presidents, including Obama, tried to expand gay rights around the world.

But let’s look at some other things Trump has done regarding sexuality:

The proposed rolling back housing discrimination protections:

Proposed rolling back employment protections:

Among other things.

It’s amazing to see the LC Republicans praising Trump for lip service he paid to issues, while ignoring policies he’s proposed that would draw back protections for LGBTQ.

As others have pointed out LC Republican chapters still overwhelmingly supported Trump in 2016, despite Trump receiving a historically LOW portion of the LGBT vote.

If they’re really supporting Trump based upon those issues, then that’s also lip service.

This is a hollow endorsement that doesn’t get Trump support from people who didn’t already support him in 2016.


I will call BS on that one. It doesn’t take much homework to discover the multiple discriminatory things that this administration has done or are in the process to curb LBGTQ equality.
And it is now being reported that so far one board member of this group has quit and that there folks that are leaving the origination because of their endorsement of Trump.