Location of measles outbreaks in US was predicted a year ago


Anti-Vaxxers are a scourge against civilized society.

Humanity’s second oldest foe (after ourselves) is disease. The goal should be the eradication of all diseases. Vaccinnes play a key role in this fight; without them hundreds of thousands will perish.

We eradicated wild smallpox not by finding every single viroid and exterminating it but by vaccinating such a large percentage of the world’s population that it burned itself out. It lost its host and died. This was a disease that killed millions every year even at the turn of the 20th century.


Because that idiocy affects the entire local population genius.


Some children cannot take the vaccine because they would have allergic reactions to a component of the vaccine. Plus vaccines are not given at birth. A child needs to be old enough for some vaccines. Until they get the vaccine, they are at risk.


Will he learn from the responses or just disappear until enough time has passed and then post the same stuff again?


No, they get protection prior to vaccination from the colostrum in the mother’s milk. If the mother has immunity from either prior exposure or vaccination it’s passed along to the baby which is why nursing is highly recommended through the first year.

Any child that is allergic to the MMR vaccine can have it broken up in to separate inoculations.

Here is the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule, it starts at birth.



If you’re purposefully not getting child vaccinated you should probably have your child taken from you. It’s basically a form of child abuse what is occurring.


The 1st, 5th, 9th and 10th Amendments reserve the rights and powers to make such decisions to the parents and the states.

We have the right to try and convince them they are wrong, we do not have either the right or constitutional authority to take that right from them.


An argument for national security could be made, imo. These diseases are no joke. But it’s hardly ideal to start seizing kids, even anti-vaxxers would more often make for better parents than the state.

Don’t have to let them in schools or other high transmission risk areas (airports?) if they’re unvaccinated though, and it’s a good pressure point to use.

You’ve maybe got the right to turn your child into a disease vector, but that choice can and should have some consequences.


That argument would be ridiculous on it’s face. We have rights in this country, rights the gov’t is not supposed to violate and making choices about how our kids are to be raised is among the most basic and fundamental rights we have.

I think it is very wrong not to get your kids vaccinated except in extreme circumstances but I recognize the rights of parents as well.

You don’t get to strip people of one right for exercising another.


It’s not making a choice in how to raise your kids, it’s a medical decision that impacts every other person that child comes into contact with while they remain unvaccinated.

I’m not advocating for anti-vaxxers to lose their kids. But entry should absolutely be denied to schools, pre-schools, nurseries, universities and other high risk zones where the presence of unvaccinated children could kill people.

The choice not to vaccinate inherently goes beyond a personal decision and into creating a risk to others, but that risk can and should be minimised where possible.


The first has nothing to do with parents not vaccinating their kids. Religions are not allowed to make human sacrifices.


Maybe this can be my cause in my retirement years.

Because I’m one of the last generation of kids who didn’t get vaccinated against measles…I GOT the measles. (Actually I was one of the first generation to get vaccinated…but I still got them).

The nine day kind…and it sucked.

Summer vacation…laid up in bed with all the symptoms, rash, cough, fever, whole body pain, sensitivity to light. My mom had to keep the house dark…and I couldn’t even watch TV to avoid being bored because I couldn’t look at the bright screen.

It’s a miserable illness and you CAN die from it as well…young children who get it are particularly in danger.

People are so ■■■■■■■ stupid sometimes.


Is that true of formula as well?


Horse hockey. Not only does religion create a legitimate reason so too does anyone who is a conscientious objector.

To claim they are making “human sacrifices” of their children is just histrionic nonsense.

Our kids do not belong to the state and a child is less endangered by not being vaccinated than they are riding in your car or walking/riding a bike in the neighborhood or to/from school.

Your kid is more likely to drown in the bathtub than die from one of these diseases as well.


Where did I mention formula? I was very specific wasn’t I?


Down to 17 states allowing exemptions due to “philosophical reasons”, with DC currently considering getting rid of that exemption.


You’re consistently ignoring the threat unvaccinated children pose to others, it’s not just the danger the parents are choosing to place their child in that is at issue.

When you’re endangering others, it’s no longer merely a personal choice.


Every person on the street poses a danger to others.

Carriers tend to be those who are vaccinated but for some reason never reach full immunity and they are the most dangerous of all.

I’m not forgetting anything I’m responding directly to what I replied to.


Religion is not an excuse to not get your kid vaccinated or give them the care they need. Sacrificing a child’s well being because muh huly buuk is just wrong.


That’s why I asked a question. Since we know many women do not breastfeed and use formula instead, I was merely asking if the immunities provided vis breastfeeding are replicated in formula in any way. I guess I could have googled it but since you seemed knowledgeable I just asked you. You don’t want me asking you?