Location of measles outbreaks in US was predicted a year ago





So vaccinations don’t work?


Vaccinations work just fine. The problem is for the immunodeficient and the larger the % of the population that is unvaccinated, the greater the impact of the disease.


Those who are not vaccinated choose not to be. So liberals can choose certain death for a baby in the womb rather than adopting it out, but independents cannot choose the small risk of death for their own kids rather than the small(?) risks of serious adverse reactions from a vaccine from a source they cannot sue. Is that just?


Yeah, it’s not just their own kids they put at risk.


No. It’s other kids of parents who also choose not to vaccinate. It’s not the kids of parents who chose to vaccinate. So why are the vaccinators interfering with the health decisions for bodies that are not theirs? A woman (parent) can deliberately kill what comes from her body… but a parent can’t take risks with what comes from their body? Where is the logic?


Sure they can. Just don’t send those germ wagons to school with my kids.


It’s also kids who are too young to be vaccinated yet. It’s also kids and adults who have an immunodeficiency disease who may or may not be able to be vaccinated, and even if they are vaccinated, the vaccines don’t work particularly well because of the immunodeficiency. These people rely on herd immunity to be protected.

  1. I’m pro-life, so that argument gets you nowhere with me.

  2. No, its not just unvaccinated kids. Its also the kid too young to be vaccinated. Its also the kid (or adult) who’s immunodeficient. Its also the elderly. Its also the small % of vaccinated people for whom the vaccination doesn’t work (no, vaccinations aren’t 100% and no one ever said they were). That doesn’t even get into herd immunity.


There are people who can’t be vaccinated because they are immunosuppressed. There are babies who are too young to be vaccinated. Keep your unvaccinated kids away from them, OK? Feel free to follow your heart, but home school with other anti vaxxers.


And stay out of the general population.


I do feel bad for those kids, though. If the parents are too dumb to vaccinate their kids, I can’t imagine they will be able to effectively homeschool them.


This is not a political issue- it’s a science issue. Keep your unvaccinated kid home.


Because my kid can’t ■■■■■■■ get a vaccination yet, he’s too young. Because my wife’s grandparents have compromised immune systems. That’s ■■■■■■■ why. Because I don’t want to increase the transmission vectors that could eventually reach those who aren’t protected just because of some ignorant ass ■■■■■■


Good point.


Anti vaxxers and climate change deniers - two sides of the same stoopid coin.


For numerous reasons not the least of which is the burden it places on all of us paying for their care.

There’s also the very real problem that if you get enough cases of a disease we could previously protect against through vaccination sooner or later you get new variants the vaccinations will only offer partial or no immunity.

Suddenly then you have a new epidemic on your hands and it can take months or years to then develop a new vaccine that is safe and effective. During that time thousands will suffer and hundreds may die.


No vaccine is 100% effective, for many people only partial immunity may be gained and for some with compromised immune systems they may not gain any immunity at all from a given vaccine.


Because some children CAN’T receive these vaccines—too young for a particular vaccination, or allergic to a particular component, or immune suppressed.

THOSE are the children this “vaxxer” cares about.


Yep, not sure why the anti-vaxxer crowd thinks vaccinations are supposed to be 100% effective.