Location of measles outbreaks in US was predicted a year ago

Those vaccine exemptions sure are working out well :roll_eyes:.

Parents are now abusing the medical exemptions as well.

It’s bad enough having religious communities like the Amish and Ultra-orthodox refusing to vaccinate, having a bunch of soccer-moms buying into the anti-vaxxer ■■■■■■■■ increases the risk exponentially.

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Worth taking a look at the two maps, just incase you have any friends or family with kids living in those high risk areas who need a slap upside the head to get them to vaccinate.

Harris County has had 5 reported cases so far this year. It pisses me off to no end. I went off on one of my friends that was like, “well, I’m not that concerned, at least it’s just measles. It’s not one of the scary ones.” I then explained to her how ■■■■■■■ awful this completely preventable disease is. She’s not an anti-vaxxer, but that type of ignorance shouldn’t stand. It’s time for anti-vaxxers to become complete pariahs.


I hate anti-vaxxers.


Now someone can say the government is punishing those communities. Post videos of unmarked trucks, Photoshop some emails, and there’s a good bit of money to be made off the second half of this Anti-Vaxx scam.

Especially scary because we have a 4-month old and a 3 year old who is too young to get his second round.

I freaking hate anti-vaxxers.


Yup, measles is no joke.

I wasn’t aware until recently that it could completely obliterate your gained immunities to other diseases for years as well.

"The outbreak of measles that originated at Disneyland earlier this year drew lots of attention to gaps in vaccination for the disease. More than 100 people were infected before the outbreak was brought under control in April.

However, the effects of measles may be with those individuals for quite some time. A new study finds that the measles virus erases the immune system’s memory, leaving patients vulnerable to other infectious diseases for up to three years afterward.

And researchers think that’s why the advent of vaccination against measles also seemed to reduce childhood deaths from other infectious diseases. It appears that vaccination protects against not just the measles virus, but also many other diseases."

It is the arrogance of their ignorance that is the worst.

Dude, the internet anti-vax warriors are the worst.

Yeah… I see them sometimes on people I know from Facebook.

I don’t respond to them because I know it is a waste of time.

There was one time though, that I responded to one where in the insert of Gardisil it said that people died during the trial. So I looked into the insert and of the handful of people who died almost half of those were in a car crash. The rest were unrelated to the Gardisil.

So I informed my friend that this might not be the best argument.

Was called a Nazi.

Any exemption other than a medical exemption should carry with it comcomitant liability. If you fight to have your child unvaccinated and your child becomes the transmission vector to anyone else, you should be personally responsible for any costs related to that.

This is like leaving your car in neutral at the top of a steep hill.


Yeah. The ignorance is invincible. It’s hilarious and simultaneously infuriating to read people who dont know the first thing about reading studies and journal articles act like they’ve gone to med school with a specialty in infectious diseases.

Shame we can’t innoculate against the consequences of others’ stupidity.

People are finally starting to turn on anti-vaxxers, thankfully.

Amazing how outbreaks of disease and the suffering that entails can lower one’s tolerance for that BS.

There is something about unnecessary suffering from absolutely preventable disease that gets people riled up.

I hope so, but I remain skeptical.

The damage they’ve done with be with us for decades either way.

I don’t think there really should be any non-medical exemption, and a Dr should have to sign off on any medical exemption with real liability risks if they’re lying for their patients.

But I don’t have much patience with the anti-vaxxers overall.

It’s one thing to choose not to vaccinate yourself and put everyone at risk, much worse when it’s your children.

Hate is too easy a word. Loathe is much better when it comes to anti-vaxxers.


What gets me is that some people cannot get the vaccine for legitimate health reasons. The anti-vaxxers put those people at risk when they choose to not vaccinate their children.

I’m all for religious freedom. In this case…I have to question allowing religious exemptions.