Location of measles outbreaks in US was predicted a year ago


Some areas of the US are worse than third world countries, even poor latin american countries require your child to be vaccinated before they set a foot in any school.


Anytime I hear someone say something like “Measles isn’t one of the scary ones”, I always want to show them this letter by Roald Dahl, written 30 years ago:


Gave me goosebumps.

I have recently discovered that some friends of mine are anti-vaxxers. These are otherwise intelligent people. I value their friendship, but I feel compelled to speak out quite harshly about this movement and I know it’s going to put a strain on those relationships. I adamantly feel like those who choose to be anti-vaxxers for anything other than medical reasons (e.g. immunodeficiency) are selfish, dangers to society, and ignorant of the math and risks involved. Non-medical exemptions should be outlawed for public school. This decision should result in being a social pariah.

But expressing this could quite possibly lead to broken relationships. It sucks.


All anit-vaxxers need to go old cemeteries and see just how many children died before the 1940s.


Children should not be allowed to attend school/daycare/ activities if they are unvaccinated (unless they have medical reason for it). Parents who make the choice not to vaccinate should make other arrangements for education that do not involve exposing other people’s kids to preventable diseases. This should not be optional.


My sister is an anti-vaxxer to this day.

Needless to say our relationship is a bit strained like, non-existent.

I feel strongly about being an ardent pro vaxxers. She’ll get over it.

Maybe. If not, it’s her loss.



An extended family member of mine is anti-vaxxer. They did not vaccinate their daughter, and now the mother is facing the possibility of having to quit her job because she cannot find a daycare that will accept the daughter. I would feel bad if there wasn’t a very easy solution to the issue.


Obviously I understand if someone cannot receive a vaccine for a reason like they’re allergic to one of its components.

But anything else?

I hate them, too.


I have a similar relationship with a family member.

It’s not even her stance on the issue that’s the dividing wedge.

It’s how snide and condescending she is on my being pro vaccinations for my child.

Hey, not my loss if someone sees me on that low a level.

And I agree. If your being on the opposite side of an issue is that much of a problem to your sister she cannot have a relationship with you, that really is her loss.


The article mentions, if I understand correctly, that most exemptions noted are not in religious communities.

It mentioned travel among unvaccinated Orthodox Jews bringing back measles from Israel. The other country mentioned as a source was the Phillipines.

I wonder if prosecution for adults who travel without even finding out about recommendations for vaccinations, much less getting them & bringing back illnesses like measles, should be an option.


I agree.

You need to show proof of MMR shots, or lab results showing antibodies to those diseases, to register for college classes as measles epidemics have in the past taken place on college campuses.

It should be the same to register a child at the lower levels unless they qualify for strictly a medical exemption.


They depend upon ‘herd immunity’ to protect their kids- most of us vaccinate, therefore their unvaccinated kids are safer.

That stinks.

No vaccines, no school or daycare. That’s the price they should pay. Then we’ll see how strongly they feel about it.


This is the online letter that people submit, depending on Freedom of Religion to back them up:

Your Name
Your Address
Your Contact Phone


School Contact Name School Name
School Address

Dear X,

School Vaccination Letter (sample)

This is to clarify that we have chosen not to continue to vaccinate our child, NAME, for religious reasons. It is our belief that our bodies are sacred — that the blood chemistry and cellular integrity that makes up our body must not be compromised and defiled by the viruses, synthetics, heavy metals and animal derivatives contained in the suggested vaccines. We believe that these contents are agents of cellular abnormalities. We feel that the negative effects they inflict far outweigh their benefits. We also feel that defiling the body in this way is an insult to our Creator’s design for the human being and thereby defies God’s will.

We greatly appreciate your consideration of this matter and are available to answer any further questions you may have.

Sincerely, Your Name

SO HOME SCHOOL YOUR GERM WAGONS. DO not send them to school with my kids.


Hey welcome to the club of being called a Nazi, for things not related to the third reich.


“No big deal”. Mine was the last generation of Americans that saw widespread Mumps, Measles, and Rubella outbreaks. We were “lucky” enough to catch all three.

Misery doesn’t begin to cover it.

I guess until we see a few more such epidemics these idiots won’t be convinced.



Well no, the 1st Amendment kinda prohibits that.


Why do vaxers have a worry if vaccination protects them. Only the non-vaxers will be affected by a measles outbreak… Right?


Those who are not vaccinated choose not to be. They choose to take the risk of catching the disease and fighting it. Why are those who believe in vaccinations cry-babying about unvaccinated kids catching the disease they themselves are supposedly now immune to?




For the most part yes. But those who are not vaccinated can easily transmit or carry to how ever many they come in contact with. That maybe an elderly or the young with weakened immune systems.