LIVE: Trump Rally in Phoenix Az 10-28-20

I was voting in person so I got this rally posted late

Before President Trump is locked up, I hope he continues his traveling act

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Another re-run.

Leftist Criminals are paid to stick together.

I applaud you voting. :clap:

Now let’s hear some Festivus for the Restuvus!

I actually find it hilarious that Trump’s closing pitch in these rallies are his whining about how mean and unfair everyone has been to him. Picking fights with the media, Big Tech, Hillary Clinton, Evan McMullin’s haircut, Hunter Biden, Lincoln Proj. folks, RINO’s, COVID, Doctors, Fauci, Anonymous, etc.

Nothing about what the next 4 years are going to bring. No inspiration or hope about how much better it can be for the millions and millions and millions financially struggling right now, while the Senate is in recess. Nope.


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Not at all true.



its a traveling clown show. except the clowns are both on stage and in the crowd

Get some new material.


Okay. I’ve watched these rallies like everyone else. Does he hit on some platitudes here and there? Obviously. But the lion’s share of these “airing of grievances” are just that.

Be afraid of the evil libruls. :drooling_face:
Be afraid of socialism. :drooling_face:
Be afraid of black people moving in to the neighborhood. :drooling_face:

He is running one of the worst political campaigns in modern history. Maybe in all of American history as an incumbent.

But yeah. Im sure some people are buying the gaslighting that he is laying out a solid agenda of what he wants to accomplish in the next 4 years. :+1:

Nope! Do you? You people still trotting out the same excuses on why you support your guy.

How 'bout a basement party of one for you. We need clowns for balloon sculptures. Good job

Why @Jamerican and not President Trump? It’s essentially the same speech each time. If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

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And you are supporting criminals…Aiding and abetting.

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Pretty much. It’s been the same theme for every rally speech and the obedient sheeple drool all over it in full compliance.

droopy don looks so old and tired…

Nope. Supporting the CCP NWO Global Cabal Baby Adrenaline Gland Drinking takeover of the world. I’m not sure there are actual statutes that prevent that.

And we shall be victorious!


Yeah… we’re turning the corner on Covid. There’s a vaccine coming any day now.

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Who’se been indicted for any crimes?