LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Meets with Pastor Andrew Brunson 10/13/18

It’s going to start soon. I can’t wait. Some people drink, and some people do drugs, but this is how I get high. Almost time now.


What’s the weather, and how many tens of thousands of people are waiting to get in?

It’s bigly.

10 charles.

I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this. It’s ground breaking stuff that’s being discussed.

Synopsis please? For those of us who don’t want to click your “iffy” link.

Donald Trump met with a VERY influential pastor. The pastor went on at large about how amazing Donald Trump is, and how Jesus Christ would have kissed Donald’s feet if He was alive today. Apparently the entire Book of Revelation was written about the Donald Trump Presidency.

Sounds staged.

Most religious events are.

They started camping out in June to get into this.

Evangelicals who support a con man adulterer who uses his own kids to clean up his messes with his mistresses.

Run from those fakes.


I wonder if the pastor gave him any advice on how to break it to Melania that he is in love with Kim Jong Un now…

I wonder if the pastor gave him any advice on how to not be an adulterer…

Trump is Cool…

Bill Clinton’s Cigar… Hillary called it a conspiracy.

Fat Donald probably told the pastor he’s been married to one woman and never cheated on her.

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Evangelicals don’t care that the fat draft dodger is a serial adulterer as long as he has an R by his name and tells them what they want to hear.

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yeah, i’d say Bill and Donald are about the same as adulterers. Donald may have more volume though.

there have been a told of fake christians throughout history.

are you kidding? Bill almost always harassed ugly powerless women… Trump has much better taste. Trump is cool

Sex is not that big a deal… Makes kids.

Now bombing Libya into chaos, letting thousands and thousand die for no reason other than you could, is real evil. They you go on TV and laugh about it. Then dems vote for her and pretend to be anti war… Just one odd group of people.