Live Stream: Michael Flynn Sentencing 12/18/2018

Moments from now General Flynn will be sentenced. Robert Mueller has recommended General Flynn get zero prison time. Flynn, understandably, has argued the same. President Trump has wished Flynn the best today. The world waits with anticipation for the announcement.

Sunny day.

Live Stream Fox News Coverage.

Lock him up! Lock him up!

President Trump has tweeted a particularly number of tweets this morning. However they seem to stop abruptly a few hours ago. I’m not sure if it’s related.

He’s inside a world of delirium.

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Really bad news for fat donald today.

It’s only Tuesday. That’s not a good sign.

Anyone see those pink boots the lady had on about 2 minutes ago? I want a pair just like them.

They have a mic stand set up as if they’re expecting him to answer questions. I wonder if he really plans to do that.



This is how I used to feel before a Trump rally. I’m literally on the edge of my seat.

Lock Him Up!

Lock Him Up!


Wow. Nobody coming out of those doors even looks at the mic stand, as if pondering whether to approach it like someone famous? Hands in the air in a “okay, settle down, settle down, I’ll chat with you a bit” gesture?

If I were them, I would at least consider it.

Lets play a game.

How much prison time should Flynn get?

  • Zero
  • 1-12 months
  • 2 years
  • 5 years
  • Life in prison

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He gave lots and lots of info to Mueller, so I would go easy on him (2 months).

My poll originally had more options, but the software only allowed for 5 options.

Six weeks cleaning the side of the highway in an orange vest sounds good.

Those are donuts! There are donuts in the feed. You can see one still because the box is open!

Ever see the movie Office Space?