Live Stream: Donald Trump Rally Macon, GA November 4, 2018

They are interviewing patriots. This is only his first rally for today. Great stamina.

Donald is having the greatest movement in political history.

Native Americans support Trump. Look at how excited they are!

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what’s up with Chief Head in the Sand in the background?

I dare to say, this may be Donald’s best rally ever.

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I wonder if they all know each other, or if they were all put together because of the headgear.

Are there more chiefs in the audience?

46F and cloudy in Belgrade this morning. It stands in stark contrast to our Dear Leader Donald, who is always white hot in his rhetoric and perfectly clear in his brilliance.

This Tuesday Donald will shock the nation and world again - riding on Dear Leader’s tireless coattails the GOP will pick up seats in BOTH houses of Congress. Libs will spontaneously combust in confusion and rage. It’s gonna be so bigly.

MAGA :us:

It demonstrates that despite what the evil lib mob media would have you believe, love and respect for Donald transcends race and gender. He is the Most Beloved American President of All Time.

It’s remarkable that Trump can pull such great native american support. They know a thing or two about open borders, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t trust libs.

Hopefully the crowd size at this rally is an indication of what will happen on Tuesday.

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Can’t wait to find out how much all these rallies are costing taxpayers.

The tour of hate to inspire the worst of the worst continues.

The only thing that matters is that Trump is uniting the country.

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He’s he is, but not in the way he thinks.

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It’s inspiring to watch a true leader for once.

Obama wishes he spoke as elegantly as trump does.

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Trump needs to end his roving band of hate and do his job.

Not including this rally, he still has 6 more rallies to hold before election day.

He has the best stamina. No complaints.

Do his hands look bigger today?

It must have something to do with the election being so soon.

Well, considering he’s doing nothing in his day but these rally’s, his stamina is unimpressive. Just shows he’s only able to do one thing each day. He’s a do nothing slacker, which is why his base of lazy do nothing republicans adore him.

Trump needs to campaign in Montana?