Compare and contrast: Trump lost the 2020 presidency; Trudeau’s government was returned in the Canadian 2021 federal election.

A loud and boisterous one.

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Diversionist propaganda.

Fauci is lying on this point. The border jumper vector is not even quantifiable.

It is a hole in the solution bucket.

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Nobody is trusting polls that is a false accusation on their part.

Quinipaic is extremely left wing which means the numbers are probably even worse than the 38 percent reported is my point.

Are they?

It’s weird that conservatives say they don’t trust polls but when they see a poll with results they like they cite the poll regardless. Seems to lack consistency.

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Real deep

This is really beyond funny.

MUST SEE: Trump Impersonator Celebrates Pocahontas Warren on Indigenous People’s Day VIDEO

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The video does not work.

Worked for me.

Spot on voice impersonation.

Try me.

And I’m SURE I’d notice if the “Kracken” bit me.

So THAT’S the excuse…For NOT Releasing the KRACKEN?

I was RAISED to ridicule and be “dismissive”?

Has it been released?

Have YOU seen it?

Instead of trying to project…why doesn’t SOMEONE just RELEASE IT?

you ask a lot of questions, with capitals

i’m gonna need you to calm down maam

Anyone know when and where next rally is?

Yes. Why

I enjoy Trump America First agenda and enthusiasm.

Will be good to hear what he has to say.

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Enjoy isn’t quite the word

i do too

it’s nice to get some positivity about America

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Maybe you have some better Intel?

You said anyone :grin: