LIVE: President Trump Make America Great Again Rally in Waterford Township, MI 10-30-20

Lol did he really heckle Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask in a crowd?

He needs to get his message out unfiltered.

That’s ridiculous Laura is always saying how stupid this psycho mask culture is making people suffer. Trump can joke, but Shameless stand-ins, still don’t get it.

The next Rally is already posted. First Wi. then Minn.

She was wearing a mask and he made fun of her for it.

You sure about that? Really sure? I mean you have been watching the link you posted right?

He was joking…duh

That’s called “wry humor”. You remember what that is Tommy.?

cool. cool. cool.

Has anyone told this stable genius that it’s a lot easier to get money from a patient who is alive than one who’s dead? A dead patient isn’t coming back for follow up visits

There is no vaccine for Corona-19.

Trump is amazing.

Trump is desperate.

It honestly doesn’t matter what he says or does at this point. This sounds horrible, but Biden just has to stay alive and in good health for another 4 days.


It’s true. Hospital gets extra $ with every covid death

I bet there will be a rash of new babies given the gender neutral name “Pandemic” Anyone pregnant?