LIVE: President Trump Make America Great Again Rally in Waterford Township, MI 10-30-20

Rally coverage begins in 4 hours 1st Rally of Friday.

LIVE: President Trump Make America Great Again Rally in Waterford Township, MI 10-30-20

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Win or lose President Trump is outworking and out messaging his opponent.

Looking forward to today’s events.


Ahh but who is he doing it for?..You know these rallies are just an ego stroke for him,…And I guess if he does lose he’ll get a participation trophy at least…:grin:

He needs to get his message out without filters.

It’s working.


Coverage is on ay the first rally today. The President is expected to be there at 1pm EST.

Opening speakers have already been on

Is he going to hang anyone out to die dry today?

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Four days till the election. Waterford Township. The president is going to be there in a half hour or so.

With the latest polling info the predictors produce this map


Trump vs the criminals and crime families who try to control all the gangster media.

It’s obvious the Leftists are going hog wild. They don’t care about Biden. They have complete disdain for America

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Trump vs himself?

Michael Moore: “Don’t Believe The Polls… The Trump Vote is Always Being Undercounted.”

What terrible, crooked media!.

I was a big Biden fan back in 2004. And to be honest, I’m not that overly thrilled about Biden as the 2020 candidate. That said, I do care about removing Trump for office. I definitely don’t have disdain for America. I have disdain for the kind of America Trump is selling. That’s not for me.

America First shouldn’t scare you.

Since I’ve been here in '07 it’s been “think my way or you hate America.” Nothing has changed.

No one ever said this to you. You said it to yourself.

America First at what price? Our dignity? Our compassion for others? Our ideals? Naw. I’m good.

Going to a Trump rally is like playing Jumangi. Roll the dice to see if you will be ok, get Covid, hypothermia or heat exhaustion and pass out.

If your “dignity” means being tied up by a commie bound, corrupt , criminal political party, instead of America, then all that can be done is point that out to you.