LIVE: President Trump Make America Great Again Rally in Waterford Township, MI 10-30-20

What “Democrats,” still have not figured out is that most Trump Supporters are NOT partisan, they are only situationally partisan. Had he run as a Democrat, we still would have voted for him, not because of who he is, but because of “America First!”

Swamp is Swamp

Putting up a fake candidate is so insincere and corrupt, that any real American should be shocked. They rely on a base of people who don’t even know what crimes the left have committed, because leftist media hides it. It’s like fighting Al Capone who controlled the media.

Total waste of time for me to vote. Looks like a wrap folks. I encourage everyone who hasn’t voted yet to just stay home and save the hassle.

The President is coming on stage to the podium.

Time for Democrats to pay attention. UT;s time to stop making up fake news about the China virus. You all know perfectly well, Trump has done the best.

It’s cold there. The President is wearing gloves

Trump is fully aware of who his enemies are and how they are willing to do anything, to stop him from erasing Communism and globalist power, from the USA

After the Trump win, fake ballots are going to be flying. Suddenly CA and NYC will double.

But they WILL go to jail. The top democrats will pretend innocence, the media will go crazy. Violence in Wash DC will go crazy. The Sunrise group has been planning

The Partisan insanity has to stop.

Democrats have to figure out what they actually stand for, once the Radical nonsense and irrational paranoia is stripped away.

New communist parties will appear. Are the Democrats going to reject them now?



Hopefully Pelosi, Schumer, AOC and Waters will be gone. They need to go back home and clean up their streets.

Being obsessed with Covid is silly. We already know the real death rate, We also have new antibodies and Vaccines. You want to live like China?


Sorry sir, with that reasoning this came to mind.
But to be fair, when the Dims began their three plus years of trying to remove the Prez from office, the failed show impeachment and all the divisive rhetoric; he carried on. Don’t you think the country would be much further advanced with a House majority that acted somewhat bi-partisan instead of wasting the taxpayers money and time denying the results of the 2016 election and trying to unseat the man based on scheming bureaucrats and fairy tales?
In my opinion J’Biden is a Trojan horse and should he pull it out we’re going to witness a colossal bait’n switch. Hope not.


Open up America. The hysteria needs to stop. Just Normal precautions with viruses and flu.

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watch this video!

Disdain for America first? Disdain for more manufacturing jobs? Disdain for securing America? Disdain not involved with foreign wars? Disdain for tax cuts? Disdain for economic growth and middle class pay/wage increases? Disdain for energy independents? Disdain for cops? (having said that so do on corruption and abuse). Disdain for picking orginalist judges?

Take away Trump personality what policies do you have against Trump?

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Apparently the Biden turnout is not good…Fox reported the Dems are trying to get Obama.

What do they expect…THEY are the “Super Predators!”

I am holding off on buying a new car to see what happens in Detroit. I might get the Tesla Truck…or the new Porsche Spyder…build them in the USA. Maybe Detroit will realize we don’t want Autos that are under surveillance with China or deepstate crap.

Well, given that Biden is taking COVID-19 seriously and doesn’t want to turn his rallies into super spreader events, that is to be expected. Nice to see a candidate that actually cares about protecting American citizens.