LIVE in Michigan and Wisconsin Rallies with the President of the United States

The rally in Wisconsin is gathering and going on
waiting for the President, to fly from Michigan to Wisconsin.

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RSBN has their own cameras, so they actually show the Audience. Even OANN uses the same cameras used by the other channels, rare the whole audience is shown.

Looks low energy.

The last few months have really ground Trump down. Hope he’s ok.

very droopy face… looks like he is melting…

Its in wisconsin.

I’m sure he still feels like ■■■■ the virus is a bitch. I got it when I was 38 thankfully but at his age I would imagine it was a whole different ballgame of bad. I don’t know if I still have the antibodies or not I got it in April and i had my last checkup on my lungs in late August and they tested for antibodies and I still had them, not sure now though.

Of course I didn’t have all the cool drugs he had just stay at home for 14 days I think I posted more on here during that period and watched more Netflix than at anytime in my life. The only enjoyment I had was during the conference calls in the morning I would sometimes mess with my director and say “Phil I’m feeling pretty good right now are you sure you don’t want me to come back into the office”.

It’s both Michigan and Wisconsin, Michigan comes first

Only a handful of Americans suffering from COVID will ever get a sniff of the drugs he had.

I’m glad you recovered, wish you continued good health.

The crowd in Wisconsin is big already.

I will add the Wisconsin link to the op when the first one ends

It’s sad to see that my former state of residence has that many drooling deplorables. Not enough to win the state, fortunately.

What can you expect when the previous leftist admin, not only crashed the Michigan industry, they said it would never come back.

The last administration bailed the auto industry out.

Shh … facts are not welcome here.

They got raked over the coals by many who are likely now Trump supporters for bailing the industry out too.

Thanks man much appreciated :vulcan_salute:


I thought that happened under Bush Jr. I get my bailouts confused there had been so many.

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It started under Clinton and both parties let happen but the last admin put Michigan on pause and sold it all off, selling out America.

Forget it. Some bubbles can’t be popped.


This is utterly false.