LIVE FEED: Donald Trump Addressing the Nation on Mass Shootings

In just a few short minutes Donald Trump is scheduled to address the nation regarding the mass shootings in Ohio and Texas over the weekend. Here’s hoping that Donald Trump will be able to help unite the country and heal the hurt that so many are feeling. I hope he also addresses the white nationalism that inspired the El Paso shooter.

You know, I’m just going to cringe now and save myself the time. This dude is about to go on TV and say the answer is to pass an immigration bill.


Considering his tweets from this morning, I believe you might be onto something.

Also an open question whether or not he’ll read the denunciation of white nationalism that I’m positive Mick Mulvaney would’ve put in the written version of the speech. Or maybe do that “I believe it was Russia. . .but maybe not!” crap he pulled after Helsinki.

Wouldnt put it past him to say something along the line of…“If those immigrants weren’t here, the shooter wouldn’t have had any targets, it never would have happened…okay”

Here’s hoping that the president is able to deliver a heartfelt response that isn’t twisted by his detractors into something that fuels their “orange man bad” fire.


If he stays on script I’m sure he’s going to do alright.

Oops, too late. He hasn’t even spoken yet and the orange man is indeed bad.

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Well it’s his own doing


Yesterday’s Bible was a terrorist manifesto.

Today’s Bible will be Trump’s speech.

Carry on, holy bishops of the soap box order!


Orange man doesn’t have a good history of being able to speak eloquently on any subject. However, as long as he ONLY says the words that are written out for him by someone else, I’m sure he’s going to come off well. He has a very low bar to get over in order to appear Presidential.


We see who’s doing.

He has spoken. He was tweeting about how the shooting victims would have died in vain unless we pass his immigration bill like fifteen minutes ago.


He straight blamed the media for this… Fox blamed video games… He is his own worse enemy


He might make it through a 5-10 minute speech, but we all know he’ll be back to his usual Twitter bile in no time.

A background bill that perhaps could be attached to an immigration bill.

He called for strong background checks this morning; agree with him

I know of a worser one.

But who knows, he could say something entirely different here because Trump lies like I breathe.

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Yeah the liberal media …amirite :sunglasses: