Linden NJ Mayor is a Putz

Wow how unbelievably ■■■■■■■ petty.

Par for the curse for NJ libs, I guess.

"A letter from President Donald Trump that accompanied U.S. Department of Agriculture fresh food boxes for Linden was replaced by one from the city’s Democratic mayor, Derek Armstead.

Food boxes were opened by local public works department employees. Trump’s letter was removed and a letter from Armstead was added.

“The original letter in these boxes was removed, and the mayor had city employees put in his letter on work time,” said Councilwoman Gretchen Hickey, a Democrat and an Armstead political rival.

Armstead acknowledged that his message was added to the box, offering local residents the impression to recipients that the food came from him."


Can Trump do anything without attaching his name to it? Look at me, look at me…

Trumps letter is propaganda. It’s included to stroke his ego.

Why would he?

Does a normal person need adoration for everything he/she does?

Her come the seagull posters.


Does that include the Linden mayor, who put his own signed letter in the box?


Does a politician need credit during an election year?

I thought Trump wasn’t a politician? Isn’t that what he crows about?

Yes…Its like putting a toy in the “Toys for Tots’ box and signing the toy 'This toy is from Markdido”

I hope none of those ■■■■■■■ city workers were COVID asymptomatic when they were rooting around in food boxes that people are going to eat.


Candidate then

Was it from the Mayor of Linden?

“Whenever I do a delivery, I always add a letter from the mayor,” Armstead told the New Jersey Globe.

What a scumbag.

Adding is not replacing.

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You really should read your own links.

"When MANNA began receiving the letter-loaded boxes by the pallet full, the nonprofit contacted the legal council at Feeding America, a vast network of hunger-fighting organizations, for guidance.

"They informed us that it’s not a violation of our nonprofit status to distribute the letters in food boxes, since the letter is related to its purpose," said Randall."

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LOL- “Journalist” David Wildstein- Bridgegate Felon dude. Talk about yer putzes.

That wasn’t the point of the link…The point was it makes them uncomfortable

This is why he’s so dying for a Covid relief bill, but Mitch keeps saying no. He would love to send Americans signed checks.

domino’s is getting worried