Lifelong Politician

It should be against the law to be a Lifelong Politician. Never really
had a real job but can tell me what a working man needs.
We need term limits in a bad way. Aka (Joe Biden)

Joe Biden grew up in a middle class family and was among the poorest members of Congress during his time as a Senator.

Donald Trump was born into wealth and claims to be worth billions of dollars.

Who do you think better understands what it is like to struggle to make ends meet just like your average working man/woman?

You tell me. He himself said he’s never ever had a real paycheck before!!!

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Have you ever been a politician? What do you know about being a Senator, first hand?

No but I have been a victim of thier incompitance!!!

While I can appreciate the sentiment Ed, why should I be prevented from voting for whomever I choose, as long as they meet the minimum qualifications to hold office?

If you don’t want people serving forever in Congress, then we have a way to apply term limits already. It is at the ballot box. Vote. Get engaged. Get others to vote. Be a part of fixing the system. Not someone resigned to it being broken and just complaining. That’s my best advice my friend.


I think the point is. They don’t get elected out. They keep getting re-elected
cause some people need a person to tell them how to think!!!
Roll Tide!!!

Try using the reply function. It makes it easier to know who you’re speaking with. FYI…

If they don’t get elected out, and you desire to see them removed from office, then rally enough people to agree with you and energize them enough to replace the person you believe has served long enough. That’s the beauty of our system. We already have term limits AND we have freedom of choice. As a conservative, I do not want my freedom limited arbitrarily. Do you?

I’ll be back. I’m gonng to Chick Fil-A and eat.


gonna save this post and use it whenever you comment on anything other than living in someone’s basement.

Stop listening to these idiots on talk radio and tv just as i did. Instead of posting on a specific thread here, do your research on the candidates, talk to friends and families to get out the vote.

Are you actually implying that being a Senator is hard work??? It’s such hard work that people are able to do it well into their 80’s and even 90’s? Let me see them work a trade well into that age.


Which is why we should have term limits and vastly different elections process.

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Idk is the point, just like the point of the OP is that not working in normal jobs means you dont know what it’s like, how can you give a ‘real’ opinion if you’ve never worked first hand as a Senator?

you must think we all are on welfare, sitting home and listening to talk radio.

If that ain’t projection… nothin’ is.

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here it is again. “if you have not done it”, you have no right to give an opinion.

Have you been president? You seem to know alot about the job.

I don’t need to eat ■■■■ to know it tastes bad.

The difference in perspective from public and private sector work, especially leadership positions, is obvious. It’s not a justification for term limits, but it doesn’t require first hand experience to understand.

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I’m responding to the OP who is promoting that worldview and his hypocrisy

Funny that the snobby blue collar types who have never held public office much less experienced anything first hand about being a Senator pretend to know what likit’s like, while crying about Senators not knowing what it’s like to “work”.

Oh but it requires first hand experience for YOUR jobs? How convenient for your worldview