Lifelong Politician

OP probably has an opinion on what it’s like to grow up in the inner city ghettos too…but never stepped foot in one

Thomas Jefferson was a politician for most of his adult life. Why do you hate America?

The real problem is corporate lobbyists and mega donors. But I agree that term limits would be the easiest fix bring about. However it still won’t be easy. It not like they are going to vote themselves out of office. Can we say “convention of states”? Not likely. Convention of states has never yet been successful and hasn’t been tried in over 100 years.

I’m afraid I will have to agree that it is on us to vote them out. Also extremely difficult in the age of mega donors.

Yes, but not sure how you legislate that. Up the age for running perhaps. Term limits didn’t help in Cal. The govt gets even more anonymous and party controlled as rookies get led around by the nose.


Another possible solution would be a policy of investigating anyone in government who’s net worth rises an inordinate amount while on government salary.

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Thank you.

That’s a lot of assumptions from one post.

I’m with you. Those are crooked politicans… lol

YES we need term limits and I personally think its the #1 reason for our broken Government as there should never be career politicians. My opinion is two 6 year terms for Senators and six 2 year terms for Representatives that gives 12 years civil service in Congress and IMO that’s enough!!


I intermittently am told I need to stop listening to talk radio. I haven’t listened in years, and even then it was just when I had short commutes. Many on the left aren’t going to give up their stereotypes, though.

I am completely against term limits. I don’t want the Government telling me who I can and can’t vote for. And as a poster correctly mentioned in this thread, term limits did not help in California.

I listen to SIRIUS/msnbc on my 10 minute commute to and from work.

they want to shame anyone who might be listening to Rush. they fear him.

Who you think is telling you who to vote for now?
You probably don’t even vote.

Oh, I am register to vote. When I first registered to vote, I would vote for straight Republican on the ticket. But I don’t do that anymore. And I will be voting for both Reps and Dems in the November election coming up.

Sounds reasonable.

What’s your first hand experience of the daily work life of a US Senator?

It’s a lot more work than you might think.

States that have passed term limits just end up with politicians passing their seat to “seat warmers” and then taking it back in the next election. Or they’ll switch seats with another politician.

I’m sure it is extremely difficult work to turn away all the bribers. Um, lobbyist I meant to say.

The government isn’t telling you who you can vote for. It’s telling them who is eligible.