Life on mars? A scramble for liberal progressive voters

My goodness this is interesting. If we find life on other planets. Should they be allowed to vote with felons and illegal aliens?

Mars hasn’t been “dead” for very long, so there may very well still be a lot of thriving critters.

only after the liberals rename the planet of the god of war to something less threatening…

Why shouldn’t felons who have done their time have their right to vote restored?

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Why should they? Especially the ones who reoffend. In your rational, Weinstein should be forgiven??? Maybe early release???

What does one thing have to do with the other,? If you commit a crime do your 3 years or whatever why is your vote suspended for life? What does Weinstein have to do with anything. If he gets out in 20 years I guess he can vote too doesnt mean hes forgiven

Should roger stone never be able to vote again?

I mean, in most places they do already regain their right to vote.

Of course not. But we should offer them universal healthcare.

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If he is a felon, why should he vote, Bro. I am not into changing my mind on a whim or make emotionslly based decisions. I am not a liberal progressive goal posts mover. Go bother someone who gives a â– â– â– â– â– 

What planet is that?

And editor after my heart. :rofl:

Felons who have completed their sentences are allowed to vote in most U.S. states. Between 1996 and 2008 twenty-eight states changed their laws on felon voting rights, mostly to restore rights or to simplify the process of restoration.

From wiki.

28 out of 56. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You didn’t know that at all.

You are a wealth of “information”. PS, you don’t know what I know. Just projection ms. lucy

Looks like only 3 states have the full felons can never vote ever rule.


I believe we should go back to saying no to felons, especially the one who re-offend. Now let’s get back to life on Mars.

Well you should have said, planet Earth. Do not be so offended. I still believe felons, illegal aliens, and martians should not vote.