Libya Uncovers Alleged Russian Plot to Meddle in African Votes

"Laptops and memory sticks found with the suspects showed that they worked for an outfit identified as Fabrika Trollei, Russian for Troll Factory, that “specializes in influencing elections that are to be held in several African states” including Libya, the letter, stamped by the attorney general’s office and obtained by Bloomberg, stated. Two Libyan government officials with direct knowledge of the matter confirmed the authenticity of the document.

Fabrika Trollei was the moniker given to a network of media and political outfits connected to Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, who’s been accused by the U.S. of funding and organizing operations to interfere in the 2016 presidential election."

Putin is just too smart for us. He found a way to control the world and he’s using that move over and over and over. No one is making him change his gameplan.

This is like watching one team run the ball down another team’s throat while the defensive coordinator twiddles his thumbs. There has to be thousands more of these trolls.

Yeah, it would really suck if some foreign nation were to meddle in Libya.


What sucks even more is when a foreign country meddles in the US.

Especially if it was done via facebook posts.

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Let me guess, hoax? Witch hunt? Fake news?!?!

This is delusional.

All I see is my own country and it’s citizens lacking any sense of self-awareness.

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All I see is Putin using the tools at his disposal and accomplishing goals that he wants to accomplish.

The fact that a whole bunch of our citizens don’t even recognize what he is doing is what’s delusional. Which helps him.

Where does our actions in Libya fit into this?

Putin strategy is internatonal. This is one piece of a very large puzzle.

As opposed to our strategy.

You didn’t answer the question.

What do our actions have to do with Putin’s strategy (that’s working globally)?

Hell, the dude is outsmarting us while we bicker.

Apparently nothing since we can overthrow the government in Libya and that’s a-ok (no international plots there), but if Russia does something involving “Laptops and memory sticks” by a “Troll Factory” that’s a problem.


Yes, that was part of it but there was much more.

It is however amazing how effective that was with low information voters.

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You’d think the rational would be that Clinton lost unjustly lost the election because of the electoral college. After all, she got the most votes.

But for some reason the go to for most people, it seems, is some nefarious super-effective Russian propaganda to make people not like Hilary Clinton.

How was it amazing how effective “it” was?

Even a little propaganda might tip an election one way or another it’s otherwise a close election.

As would not campaigning in Michigan. Or Comey pulling his little stunt before the election.

Disruption and interference with another country’s internal affairs is strictly in the US’s bailiwick, how dare Putin think he can play too.

You are minimalising the situation. Its not just several thousand dollars in facebook posts. He is also ruling the world through tweets.

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Yup, that too.

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