Libya Uncovers Alleged Russian Plot to Meddle in African Votes

If you don’t think the small things matter you’re missing the big picture.

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Good post.

It didn’t.

I think the bigger picture is that many people couldn’t handle the Clinton loss to Trump and decided this had to be because of foreign influence. It’s an excuse.

A significant number of dis-heartened democrats stayed home, not voting at all. In Florida for example 80% of republicans voted but only 74% of democrats. Had 80% of democrats in Florida voted, the state and thus the presidency go to Hillary. Kinda makes you wonder how many stayed home because of the troll farm just taking the wind out of their sails. 120 million views on Facebook alone and millions more on Twitter, instagram etc.

That’s the bottom line!

I know you would like to think so but I’m not so sure. Trump won by what amounted to a razor thin margin.

I think Comey’s “we’re restarting the Hillary investigation” is what ended up pushing Trump over the top.

I believe the Russian influence campaign did have an impact. I don’t think it alone was enough to change the outcome but when was added to all of the other factors it played a role.

She would have still lost actually. It just would have been closer.

Since we are dealing in what if’s here is a fun fact: If Gore had carried his “home” state of tennessee… florida wouldn’t have mattered to him.

I think they tried to meddle but i think the effect was minimum.

She would still have lost if she’d won Florida?

I believe it would have been 270 something to about 260 against her.

I took a quick peek at the electoral totals.

I’m not bothering, so okay. The point is the same though. They don’t have to sway votes, merely effect turnout. I can’t believe some news outfit hasn’t done a major poll on it. It’s not far fetched at all.

I have a hard time thinking a hundred thousand dollars or so spent on mostly FB changed anything.

Didn’t Hillary spend a couple of billion?

120 million views on Facebook alone. Millions shared the fake crapola. Millions more on Twitter and other social media platforms. Forget the dollar amounts and look at the results they got.

Viral videos spreading like wildfire. That ■■■■ is free and reaches more people than they could ever manage on their own.

You really think that could overcome all the money Hillary spent?

She lost fair and square.

This sudden concern for Russian meddling is astounding since we’ve known about if for a long time, in fact Obama himself talked about it and said the asked Vlad to stop it, similar to what Trump asked Vlad at the recent G8 summit. Russia as well as many other countries, including the USA do it all the time. Obama was open about meddling in Israels election against Netanyahu. Hanging on to that thread of chin spittle Mueller report illusion that Russia somehow is why Trump won is not only pathetic but it’s not true.

If you liberal Democrats are so concerned about Russia why don’t you lobby your Congressional representatives to forget about the tough Trump sanctions and demand that the President declare all out war against Russia!

Turnout is everything. Far more important than trying to sway voters minds.

What did trump ask Vlad at the recent G8 summit?

Was this it? :rofl:

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You would think bombing the country to hell, overthrowing the leader, and then the country being taken over by militants would be considered meddling.