Libs secretly know their agenda is trash

But they hate the current president so much that they’d gleefully set fire to the country just on the off chance it gets rid of Trump.

Jobs, money, laws, God? Nah, let’s tank the economy, murder millions of babies, let in gangs and drug cartels, create legions of moochers. No logic at all and they know it. Good luck making one lib admit it though.


Absolutely no doubt about it! This is the reason that they avoid debating policy and the media avoids reporting on anything positive. They would rather go for the personal attack. They get crushed on policy.

Which is why the court is so important to them, it’s the only way they can get their policy through.

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You all probably think the R’s are going to keep control of the House, too.

Nah, let’s tank the economy, murder millions of babies, let in gangs and drug cartels, create legions of moochers.

That’s my exact platform! I couldn’t have put it better myself! Only it leaves out how I want ISIS to take over America and put Christians in prison camps!


wow. I never knew. do the police know about said murderers of babies?

or is said murder legal in every state in the nation.

People should go to jail…LOL

Lets throw all the woman in jail for killing their babies.


Yes because D’s control Congress and the WH…

Sorry but these right wing-but rants are getting old.


You probably were convinced the Hillary would be president too.

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Way to get Poe’d. Congrats.

Not remotely impossible that they will.

Of course I was. Never could I imagine people would actually vote for an obviously crazy person and someone who is totally unqualified for the job.

I knew there are a lot of very stupid people in the US, but never thought there were so many.

I love how Republicans control everything but they still scream-rage about Democrats. That’s what my local AM radio RW talker is doing right now. Lol can’t stop laughing.

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Ok, if think so.


The TDS inflicted dems just want to be seen as opposing everything Trump is doing. No matter if they agree with him or not. It does not matter to them. So what if Trump’s policies are beneficial to the nation or not, the dems want their power back, and they will sacrifice the welfare of the people to achieve it.

The Democrat leadership knows it’s a horrible idea to create doubt in the integrity of our electoral system with the voters. But if they can use it to make people hate Trump, then inflaming the narrative that the Russians are able to affect the outcome of elections is what they will do. As long as they think their actions will hurt Trump, and let the dems gain in power, it’s all good. It’s always been like this.

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I think there is a difference between the lib agenda and the Democrat agenda, albeit perhaps less so each day.

I don’t believe all of the democrat agenda is trash.

No Democrat believes any of Trump’s policies are beneficial to the nation. Plus, he’s insane.


Well, that’s special.

Half of the time I can’t figure out what his policies are. The nonsense that pours out of his mouth is often unintelligible.

No it’s not. It’s just the truth.