Libs secretly know their agenda is trash

Of course they will. We are two months away from the midterm election.

Or do you think the talk radio guy is supposed to remain silent about the dems, and their agenda, until they have captured the majority on election day?

Lol well, I wouldn’t go that far.

Get outta my head, Duffman.


Fair enough. But nobody really cares whether or not you understand. Your understanding is not required. But by any standard, this presidency has been a tremendous success. Best results we have seen in decades.

On a side note. We have no clue how anybody could have voted for a greedy, power hungry, lying, diabolical, greedy, nasty, divisive, hateful, vengeful and greedy witch. We don’t understand. :yum:

No, the male term for a witch is warlock. Just thought you should know so you don’t make the mistake again.

Which of these words can’t be used to describe Trump?

Well if insanity gets us the lowest unemployment ever, the highest business and consumer confidence in over 12 years, a roaring economy, ISIS all but destroyed and running for their lives, the possible denuking of NK and stopping the theft of intellectual property by China, then give me insanity.

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They described Obama quite nicely.

Whhaaaaat? Are you saying that Hillary is actually a dude? Can’t say that I’m surprised.

None of them. And if you disagree. I don’t care. :sunglasses: He’s President and He has done everything that he can do to keep his campaign promises.
And in case you haven’t noticed, our country is in amazing shape. It can stay that way if we don’t screw it up.

None of that remotely describes Obama

Not a one. He is all of those.


greedy, power hungry, - Obama did whatever it took to get elected, just look what he did in Chicago to become a IL senator.

lying, - “You can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan…”

diabolical, - nasty, - again, the Chicago senate elections

divisive, - “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” and being so quick to make race a divisive issue in so many national news stories

hateful, vengeful - “I won!”

Unless we believe the notion that Obama never knew anything about any of the scandals by his administration, including the ones we now know took place, then Obama was all of those things.

Well this is irony…given the current state of things…its like you toss out reality and created your own.

What’s surprising (or not really) is that you call Obama these things but can’t see them in Trump. Talk about divisive.

Obama is none of those things.



It’s like the world began when Trump began his Presidency.


To each their own.

Obama never lied? That is not even remotely true.

You can whitewash his political career if you like, and pretend he was pure and clean, i prefer to remember the reality of how he behaved during his political career.