Libs got nuthin, and they now know it

I don’t entirely trust all those mail in ballots that were sent in before the election in Virginia when those people could as easily have voted on Election Day…the ones that were overwhelmingly Democrats. No.

Pandemic mail in ballot fever has broken.

Do you suppose that could have anything to do with Democrats trying to take one party national control of the electoral process?


Not only that, but now things are way more expensive than before the gravy train came rolling in.

Bet they didn’t save any of it. :wink:


No it has to do with Republican party leaders telling voters not to trust the system.

Anyone who trusts our government is ignorant of history.


So the fake news is no longer fake? now that they report negative news on biden?

when it’s this bad even they have to touch on it

but if not a democrat they would be losing their minds. you know that’s true because you saw it happen - over things like two scoops, and fictional narratives (“fine people”)

American elections are cyclical.

Who knew?


A), this isn’t the mids, b) let’s all hope democratic leadership didn’t get the message either.


I don’t think it matters. Republicans are favorites to win the midterms.
Biden has 14 months to pass his agenda before the obstructionists take over in 2023.


I fear we’re going to see the misery index return, something we haven’t experienced since the Carter days. I think America is already ready for a change.


Not just bacon either. Some hot dogs are near six dollars a package and most name brands are at least 4.50. Joe is going to make a lot of people involuntary vegetarians, of course that will make his PETA base happy.

None of you guys has yet to mention a single good thing the narcoleptic doofus has done for America, besides, it isn’t Republicans that’s obstructing the dimwit, it’s the few remaining moderate Democrats who know darn well their careers are over if they hitch themselves to TJ. I’ll bet even fewer will support him now after losing what should have been a cakewalk in Virginia. After All, didn’t Joe get a “MANDATE” from the voters to push his radical agenda?


How is Biden causing the cost of meat to rise?

More accurately, they don’t trust Democrats to behave fairly. Is that a problem ?

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Well my, that doesn’t sound very Patriotic.

“Government of the people, by the people. for the people…”

I’ve always found the contradiction that the American people are awesome and can do anything… unless they are in government (which is made up of Americans) in which case suddenly they are completely incompetent some what amusing.

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This can’t be a serious statement. Libs control all 3 branches and we still have to see what crackhead Joe and his dimwitted whore can pass? Yeah ok denial must be more than just a river in Egypt

Keepin’ it classy.