Libs got nuthin, and they now know it

Every single issue. Every single issue they are getting spanked. They used every dirty trick to put an imbecile in the White House and a completely unqualified worthless moronic political whore as his VP, declared their marginal victory a mandate, and proceeded to immediately enact the most radical left wing agenda in history. AND THEY ARE GETTING SPANKED!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Every day they have to see the senile idiot they voted for embarrass himself by doing or saying something stupid on the world stage. Nappy time Joe either forgets where he is, what hes saying or falls asleep, and our enemies chuckle as they realize this feckless buffoon considers himself a president of the once mightiest nation on earth.

TJ has put us at the mercy of Saudi Arabia and Russia to meet our energy needs, handed back to China the complete dominance in trade and given them a strategic airbase after a total disaster of a retreat. He has deserted Americans and American Operatives behind enemy lines and has provided our enemy with a list of those people so they can be hunted down and killed. He donated billions of dollars to those enemies, of high tech military equipment which will be used against America and our allies.

He has caused labor shortages, food and product shortages, the highest inflation in decades, the highest gasoline and natural gas prices in decades, millions of unfilled jobs, millions of unemployed people, hundreds of thousands of people streaming across our border at will. He has encouraged crime waves and spikes in every major city and endangered countless lives by supporting movements to defund police and the firing of police and fireman, nurses and and other vital service people over non scientific mandates.

The clown has literally done absolutely nothing beneficial to America, and still, he bumbles through speeches about non threats like climate change and is determined to destroy our economy by funding a multi trillion dollar boondoggle in which most of the money isnt even earmarked to fix what the liar says it is.

He also supports this traitorous WOKE CRAP and continually calls half of America racist.

We just saw what Joe has done with his stupidity. Handed back Virginia to Republicans and let his base see and sweat 2022 as they realize their Utopia is DOA. Joe didnt get his bill and now every Democrat who is right of left wing whack job, realizes their political future is done if they keep listening to TJ, Nutty Nancy and scum bag Schumer!

If I may enjoy a current popular sentiment:


Enjoy this clown Libs, you own him!!


And suddenly elections are to be trusted again.


Never stopped.

BDS goes round and round. Do you feel better now that you got that off your chest?

Never stopped NOT trusting elections.

A new poll by NPR has found that only 33 percent of Republicans trust that the 2024 elections will be fair.

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I dont see my name there

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Its not my rhetoric that is demonstrating Joes achievements so far. How about this invitation:

Our esteemed, capable and respected President Joseph Biden doesnt have many successes in his 10 months in office. In fact, an argument could be put forth that our country is worse off. The economy has suffered greatly, inflation is rising, gas prices and natural gas are rising, jobs remained n unfilled, workers are staying home. Our Southern border has become so porous under Joe Bidens policies that hundreds of thousands of people are streaming across at will. Etc. etc.

Now, how about one of you people with left leaning political views defend your esteemed leader and provide a list of President Bidens positive accomplishments so far?

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Wait a minute吃ou mean the party that has the Whitehouse, lost off year elections and most likely the mid terms? Stop the presses!

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Wait a minute you mean the guy who was so popular, the guy with the great agenda that was going to unify the country couldnt help boost a former governor of a solid blue state back to the governorship?? You bet stop the presses. How about giving us readers the inside scoop?


no. they are not to be

this isnt two scoops derangement.

this is real legit beef. falling asleep at summits, inflation, no plan for economy or American workers apart from stupid climate change deadly and disastrous foreign policy blunders. polls falling like pouring rain.

these are things even your beloved press is acknowledging

the thoughtless knee jerk BDS retort rings hollow now

face the issues, they are really really there.


Yea no, this is not that.

Dont forget empty shelves in grocery stores, and what is there has gone up in price. Almost $10 for a pound of bacon here in NW Ohio.


Their votes trashed this country.

Its up to our votes to repair the insane amount of damage their insanity caused. :man_shrugging:


And now they are going after methane, expect even higher meat and energy costs.


Oh and why cant dems figure out bribing people for votes doesnt work in the long run, people arent grateful they got stimulus checks any more, now they are mad they stopped coming.


yes, read a story about the admin pressuring OPEC. That way they can blame high gas prices on others when we all know it was this admin


Theyll have less than nothing before long.

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Watch, they will double down and kill the filibuster, telling themselves that they got trounced because they didnt ram their agenda through. Then insert the fed into elections.