Liberal msnbc Contributor Fantasizes About Committing Terrorism at trump Property

I expect people with a proper sense of morality to condemn it and search for solutions. Not say “what did they expect”. That’s victim blaming which is utterly disgusting

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woman who join the military should expect to be raped?
does the military put that on recruitment information.

Apparently :face_vomiting:

doesn’t speak highly of the military, does she even love America.

What she said was perfectly true and correct. It’s not her job to ease your tensions and soothe others anxiety.

It was a serious problem and with all the press it was getting it shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone going all the way back to the Navy Pilot scandal in the 90’s.

It was true.

It was victim blaming. She criticized the person being raped not the person committing the rape

The issue is she is putting the woman at fault for being raped.

It is disgusting

Go ahead, run with that.

No, she simply told the truth. If you put yourself in a high risk environment voluntarily and get hurt you’re bearing the consequences of your decisions.

That’s simply a fact, it’s not endorsing or excusing the behavior nor is it “victim blaming”, it’s just a fact.

She’s a journalist and her ethical code is to present the facts, not some kind of counselor.

It’s not like she went even further. Oh wait, she did. She complained about victims wanting programs to deal with it

She went on to say that women “have demanded too much money to fund [military] programs for sexual abuse victims”.

So what is the appropriate limit? Is there one? Could the money not be better spent on finding ways to prevent it in the first place?

So rape is a consequence of joining the military, its not rape is a crime.

For up to 65% of recruits at one time it was.

And don’t be greedy expecting any support when it happens to you

Oh horse ■■■■■ nobody suggested not getting them help.

so would I be presenting a fact if I suggest that the military at one point was staffed by a large amount rapists.

getting “Hurt” and being raped are not the same thing.

No Trotta only suggested that they were greedy for demanding too much of it.

How dare they!