Liberal Kook Who Called For Nuclear War in America Qualifies For dimocrat Fall Debate

I don’t see it. If anything Liberals and Democrats have stayed pretty consistent over the years. Hell, we put up Hillary and Biden is currently the front runner. The biggest change in politics in that past 4 years has been the complete hypocrisy of the Republican party. But naw, y’all keep saying it’s someone else’s fault. Good luck with that.

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You’re absolutely right - you don’t see it. lol

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Really? Every. Single. Time. ?

Libs are dependable like that.

Nuke the neighbors

Many libs looooove the idea of people they don’t like dying. :wink:

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Many? Not ALL?:wink:

I don’t take petty bait like that. :wink:

Oh looky…Another authoritarian POV and oppositional desecration response to a candidate who could run as an I and make the Trump re-election a genuine landslide.

It is better to go all in on nuclear weapon use speculation.


You just did.:wink::wink:


Better report that broad brush you failed to get me to make then. lol


Check your eyesight.

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Yep, Trumpsters dont get to complain of politicians saying stupid ■■■■■


Never whined to a mod. Never will.:wink::wink:

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Ah, I see them now. Had to put on shades for all that blinding whiteness y’all are gonna vote for over the 4 minorities mentioned. :wink:

None are sociopaths, however. :wink::wink:

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Sure they are. They grope little kids, vote to keep blacks off buses, lead KKK factions, target blacks for infanticide, etc…

Don’t be so hard on your lib celebrities like that. Give them the credit they deserve. lol

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Yeah, like harris doesn’t have any white in her.

Your first point is a lie, the rest is exaggerated and still nothing compared to the sociopath in the White House. :wink::wink::wink:

The lie is the one you keep telling yourself. I’m just here to laugh at it. Last word is yours as always. :hugs:

You really crack me up, dude.:wink::rofl::wink::rofl:

gay for real
muslim for fun
And cokehead, not crackhead

Get it right.